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C25k completed today

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Delighted that I have finished the 9 weeks challenge in 10. W9R3 done this morning.

I couldn’t have done it without Laura’s guidance & encouragement as never thought I would be able to run at 74 yrs. Always said I couldn’t run! I didn’t manage the 5k as a bit slow though hope to improve & look forward to my first park run

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Amazing, well done and be very happy with yourself, great achievement! The distance will come with consolidation and as your body strengthens even more! Enjoy enjoy enjoy x

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Fantastic stuff! Congratulations- if you couldn't run before you certainly can now! Amazing at any age but at 74 just wow- good luck for the park run, sure the 5k is just around the corner.

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Well Done you. I, also 74, graduated yesterday. Glad to see there are several of us Silver Shufflers out there. Great feeling isn’t it.

Slow is good. Park run volunteers are such a great audience. They would carry you through with their cheers.

They did me. Volunteer first perhaps as a marshal? Scout out the lie of the land. Keep it up and keep enjoying it.

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DebstonGraduate in reply to Hatman

Congratulations 🎊, Hatman, yay, you did it!!!! Massive well done and onwards and upwards!

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HatmanGraduate in reply to Debston

Thank you. You keep up the good work too. SLOWLY

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DebstonGraduate in reply to Hatman

🐌, always! 😂

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YoucanrunGraduate in reply to Hatman

Congratulations on your completion & good to know of another ‘silver shuffler’ making it. so pleased I was able to achieve my goal as you will be & will progress slowly as don’t want a set back with injuries . Thanks for park useful run info

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