C25K - WK 9 Run 3 Completed Today Woohooooo

C25K - WK 9 Run 3 Completed Today Woohooooo

I completed C25K this morning running at the beach. I started my run just before 5 am. The temperature was about 33 degrees and relatively humid. I was in such a rush to start and even forgot to do my usual 5 minutes stretches before the brisk walk. My heart monitor watch (Suunto Vector ) started playing again, readings were not constant. I don’t know if is it just with me? Had a good swim in the sea to cool. Finally I just can’t believe that I have actually made it. It was never easy to be committed to run until I found this programme. Very big thanks to Laura and the NHS and to all of you guys in this forum. Here I’m almost 4000 miles from the UK following your programme. This programme is just excellent, it worked perfectly. I have tried to run so many times before and simply couldn’t make it. For those of you who have not seen or read my first post ( My Story ) please take a moment to read it. I would like to show others that we can change our lives, regardless of our age or physical condition. Just believe in yourself, that you CAN obtain goals in life that may first seem impossible. If you tell yourself you can, you will. Stay focus and remain committed right to the end no matter how long it takes you, trust the programme will get you there. A nice big and healthy breakfast at the Crepe cafe was a good treat. Happy Running


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36 Replies

  • Well done! Many congratulations on graduating, it's a great feeling isn't it. Don't forget to ask for your badge

  • It is an amazing feeling.... I cant wait to do it again, this time just for fun without any pressure... Many thanks

  • oh, and thanks for reminding me to ask for my badge

  • Fantastic, well done! I can't imagine running in that temperature, sounds like you deserved that dip in the sea. Enjoy your running x:-)

  • Thank you.... once you get moving, the heat is ok in the mornings

  • Well done! And what a beautiful and memorable setting for your grad run. Congratulations :)

  • thank you....

  • Wow. Well done. Congratulations. Love the photos. Here's to many more happy runs! :)

  • many thanks

  • Many congrats and off to read your story. Well done - not far behind you and already I'm excited!

  • Many thanks... and all the best to you on your runs

  • Congratulations on your graduation. May this be the begining of a long and happy running addiction!

  • Thank you, I truely hope so

  • Congratulations!! I envy you the option of taking a swim in the sea to cool down... the North Sea is wayyyyyy to cold for that at the moment.

  • Thank you Tomas,, the warm sea comes with very hot weather,, Ha ha ha

  • Congratulations on your graduation run - what a beautiful setting! I hope you got to see a lovely sunrise. I read your story too, which was pretty inspirational - proof of how far you can come with motivation and willpower. I wish you many happy runs for the future!

  • Thank you... I was too busy running during the sunrise but managed to see a bit towards the end. Happy running...

  • Well done, a truly inspiring post - as was your first post 'My Story'. You have put in the effort and this is your reward. Enjoy your success and many more years of happy running. My very best wishes to you. Fitmo

  • Thank you very much Fitmo.. Looking forward to new relaxing running now. All the best to you too.. happy running

  • Massive congratulations - in that heat too!

  • Thaks a lot

  • Congratulations! The badge looks good next to your name. Kudos to you for running in that heat as well. The sea looked awfully tempting!!

  • Thank you... I finally got the badge.

  • Fantastic!! Well done and I bet that swim was needed in that heat! Hope this is the start of a beautiful journey!! Congratulations our fellow grad! :)

  • Thank you Carole... The salt water was just what one needs after the run.

  • Congratulations Azharalkindi, a great achievement, not least because if the temperature!! Wonderful that you could cool off with a swim in the sea afterwards. Very well done indeed!! (That graduate badge looks mighty fine next to your name!)

  • Many thanks AncientMum

  • Ha ha ha.... Very tempting suggestion for the 10k .. Many thanks KittyKat

  • Congratulations! Nice badge :)

  • Thank you

  • Congratulations, well done on graduating - Happy Running

  • Thank you Andy

  • congratulations and well done.

  • Many thanks getfitgran

  • Congratulations and a big well done :)

  • Thank you Paul

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