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62 Today & just completed the C25K plan

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I cannot believe that I have today finished 9 weeks of running and can run a whole 30 minutes without stopping or collapsing. I could only just run for a minute nine weeks ago. Still find it takes at least 12 - 15 mins before I get my breathing and pace at the right level and am only managing about 3.75k but am very proud of my achievement. It is a lot about mind over matter though and couldn't do it without listening to the podcasts as the music definitely distracts me. Mostly run outside and a couple of times in the gym which is better for getting a consistent rhythm. Had to navigate a cow on the path by the river today which was interesting.

Oh and this is the first time I have ever posted anything on a community/social networking site.

Take heart all you beginners - if I can do it so can you

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Congratulations riverrun and a very happy birthday :)


Many congratulations! It is such a joy to discover abilities later in life, in the face of, what most people consider to be, their declining years. You can teach older dogs new tricks and boy do they appreciate being able to do them.

Enjoy your running.

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well done and congratulations! isn't it amazing that we can do it as long as we ignore those little voices...

This is great inspiration well done x

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Fantastic! Well done for your achievement! Oh, and Happy Birthday! :-)

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Well done. :-)

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Thank you everyone for your kind comments and encouragement - very much appreciated. Just need to keep going now

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Welcome, happy birthday and happy graduation. I hope you have asked for your lovely, well earned silver badge.

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Well done, congratulations and happy birthday!

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That's possibly the best birthday present that you cold give to yourself. Really well done and I hope you had a great day.

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Congratulations on graduating, and happy birthday :)

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wow well done!! and happy birthday.

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Well done you; I also graduated on my 62nd birthday, last year, after a 46 year break from running (ie, I last ran when I was at school!!). I hope you keep on running; it's a life-changer.

Congratulations! this is very inspiring to me. Jxx

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