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W8R1 - gremlins kicked but no sunburn!


Having been inspired by JuJogger I made the decision to run this evening. Not having run for 10 days or so (girlie weekend and new job) I was procrastinating as usual! So off I went in my running gear to do evening stables. Ponies fed, groomed and put to bed, my black running outfit is covered in horse hair 🙈 anyone with pets will appreciate (?) the spring shed!

Decided to run from the yard on a route we often ride. Go clockwise because the lane has a short but steep hill (I'm going down it not up it 😁 ) Rhythm is good, Laura checks in at 5 mins. She pops up again at 14mins and suggests I pick up speed. I actually said f$#% off out loud 🙊 but still doing well. Round about 22 min mark I realised the up I had to run was more up than I remembered 🤦‍♀️ it's a motorway bridge crossing that has a long, relentless incline. At this point the bloody gremlins appeared 😈😈😈 it took quite a mental effort to keep the running action. I was so slow snails were laughing as they passed me 😉 Keep going, cross the bridge, keep going to the tree, keep going to the gate DO NOT STOP running. Through the first gate, climb over the 5 bar gate into the field and head back towards the yard. Downhill now, whoop whoop.

I pass my friends ponies who look at me as if I have completely lost the plot 🐴🤪 and Laura finally says I can walk yay. As I make my way through the yard one of the liveries rushes over very concerned about the really bad sunburn on my upper arms. I had to tell her I had been running and was just very hot 🤣🤣🤣

I'm trying to learn to be uncomfortable. In the past once I get to the hot and sweaty stage of exercise I would back off or give up. But this running lark is going to require some discomfort whilst my fitness builds, but I'm ok with that.

I hope you all have a great weekend

Happy running folks xxx

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Always love reading your posts , I’m a procrastinator as well 😀 if I put as much effort into running as I do thinking why I can’t fit it in I’d be doing a marathon by now😂

JogunlikelyGraduate in reply to Blueberrydog

That is so true! 😂


Hi there jogunlikely….love to hear you are still there running (horse hairs permitting haha) Snails mock me all the time one past me the other day on a slow slide it was humiliating. Still slow running is better than no running. I am gearing myself up for my longer run (always now on a Sunday). I say gearing up as I literally have to plan what I am wearing. ie my running bottoms are now loose and I have to keep pulling them up from sliding off my **** not a pretty sight. Had to resort to putting a huge nappy pin in them last time to try and stop it happening oh the perils of this running lark... Anyways have a lovely weekendxx

JogunlikelyGraduate in reply to nif100

I think you deserve some new running bottoms. You've done so well. Have you had your bloods back yet? Sorry not sure if I've missed one of your posts x

nif100Graduate in reply to Jogunlikely

thanks for asking no not yet they have to wait 3 months before re test as the bloods are averaged over the past 12 weeks. I dam well will cry if they are not lower but hey on the bright side I have now nearly lost 2 stone (just 2lbs to go). Even having to buy new clothes should add running bottoms to that listxx


Sounds like you’re doing great 😁 Well done for beating back the gremlins n squeezing that run into your day 👏👏


Wish i had your grit and determination on my run today; gremlins definitely got the better of me

JogunlikelyGraduate in reply to Moz2407

Just read your post from earlier. You did great. You could have just stopped and gone home for a cup of tea but you completed the PR. You did 5km, always a win 👍


Great post and well done!


Great job on those gremlins. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable through heat now is going to come in very handy in another month or two. Happy running.


Oh fabulous! You should slso seriously consider comedy writing, I love your posts. Well done girl keep going Silver Snails are the best!


Fabulous job, you’re outstanding!

For mild entertainment’s sake I had a Snot Run the other day - end of my hay fever season & I forgot to take a tissue. Grim. But who cares? I got to the end & shoved my fleece in the wash!

Must maintain some kind of standard next time.😎

JogunlikelyGraduate in reply to Timeoff

Don't you hate those. Even using the blow as you go system I still feel the need to have a quick wipe with sleeve or t-shirt hem 😂


Well done for beating those gremlins back....you are so close now to graduating....feel like im on the run with you from your descriptive post...felt your pain on the motorway bridge ascent...


That's great! The runners high after a run isn't achieved by going out hard or taking it too easy, you do need to make yourself uncomfortable.

Keep running. Keep smiling!

😸 Katnap 😸


Lovely post! I m looking forward to getting faithful spaniels hair all over me when I get home ! The hills are a trial for me wether I am going up or coming down, but I am getting better at them. Tomorrow morning I will be doing my first run after graduation, and I will be trying to get up that hill here a bit quicker. It’s a long slow slog, but the thought of coffee after coming back down from it keeps me going. Had to laugh out loud at your comments re Laura!

JogunlikelyGraduate in reply to Myzinnyboy

Damn it. I'm so sorry I missed your graduation post 🤬 Huge congratulations 👏👏👏 Faithful Spaniel will be sooo pleased to see you 🐶💕 enjoy your celebratory run run together. Are you planning to stick around on this forum for a bit? Do you have any ideas on what yournext steps will be?


I shall certainly be staying on the forum! If I could do 5 k in 40 minutes I would be pleased so that’s what I’ll be trying for. I’ll never be a fast runner, but at least I am out there and not on the couch. I think I could do it on the flat ok but here on holiday there’s the loooong hill, and at home unless I get the car out there’s a hill! I intend to continue running 3 times a week and once I can do the 5 k in 40 minutes I’m going to try Parkrun. We are here till next Sunday so I’ll get 3 good runs in, its warming up here, so it’s 5 am alarm and as we are 2 hours ahead , it’s only 3am at home. Bonkers but I love it out so early. Off for a swim in the pool now,as that’s warmed up too.

Thanks for the congratulations, I managed it last Friday, I felt fantastic!

Keep on running!

JogunlikelyGraduate in reply to Myzinnyboy


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