Took my time

The last time I went out for a run I ended up doing something to my groin not a clue what it was just decided that I'd miss one run. I thought I either run on the Friday or the Saturday if my leg was better, in the end I decided I'd miss them altogether parrakette run instead on my usual Monday. It still was a bit twingey but I thought I see.

Started my Garmin first few steps parrakette I could feel it ran like I was hobbling but carried on. Did my usual Silkin Way run, because it's 5k run. Just right. The leg thing stopped parrakette I could get into a nice slow run. I was not pushing it at all today. Bridge number one took a while to reach. I told myself I was not going to look at my garmin at all. I didn't want it to tell me if I was on pace or anything. So no looking. Reached bridge one bridge two is not far just around a corner parrakette you can see it in the distance.. Carried on, said squark polly want a cracker to a few other runners who were able to speak much more easily than me. Gone are those days when you were walking parrakette everyone said squark polly want a cracker to each other. I'm remember that as a child. Took an age to get to bridge three.

The encounter of the ponies; They were just there at bridge three. Ran under the bridge turned around parrakette had to pass ponies again. Oh no how to do this if I say anything I might spook them. Just keep going. Gently steadily I carried on running slow past the first pony who was a little bit spooked by me and started to go a bit faster. Slowly carried on an ran slowly past. Apologising as going past. It was me making pony go a bit faster. She said if I shouted they would have stopped. Said if I shouted was worried that might worry ponies. Anyhow lesson learnt. Say when running to ponies ladies slowly coming throught. I actually quite liked having the distraction.

The way back is a slight downhill so slightly easier but the brain kept telling the legs to stop. I had to keep telling myself to keep going. No looking at garmin just steadily keep going. Bridge two loom up again in the distance keep going. You know it's sqwark not far to bridge one once you've reached bridge two. Did it. Reach it. Keep going no stopping. A few more hello's at passers by. Just around the corner bridge one looms.

Reach it did it. Home stretch. Nice parrakette steady. Strange this no pain slight twinge just to know something not quite right but can run no problem. The last bit. Ok I know when I want to stop. Look at garmin NO I can't stop when I wanted to. Why oh yeh garmin started a bit later that's why. Keep running. Look at garmin not long. Press garmin to stop.

Shower dressed parrakette cuppa tea. No pain. How strange.


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13 Replies

  • Haven't got a clue what your on about??

  • How come there are no pieces of eight in the tags?

  • You've lost me, what the hell is Parrakette?

  • Sorry about post now I know why my son was laughing when he stole the iPad off me yesterday. He said I'd find out soon. I'll try to undo. I wrote the post without my glasses on.

  • Went back and read it for the fourth time! Kids - don't you just parrakette love them! :-)

  • Revenge is sweet just tied his shoe laces together for him.

  • That's hilarious😊😊😊😊I was trying to think what I d missed in the way of 'running' jargon!!!

  • Arrh. Aren't they lovely when they grow up. He's in for it now.

  • My daughter( no excuse) gets hold of my phone and goes on I now have to have a passcode lol.But I didn't think to do so on my iPad and my wallpaper is a cross eyed son now😊

  • He used to be so cute as a child. Grrr

  • I thought perhaps this was a new type of fartlek - give your youngster a clip round the ear from us!

  • I'm thinking of alsorts of things at the moment first one is to tie shoe laces together.

  • With clever stuff I mighty even do a few socks muddled up to. Hide his wallet in fact anything he puts down.

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