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W1 Run2 tonight muscle pain in legs - should I wait?


Hi all!

Basically done my first week first run on Monday and was going to do my second run tonight. However my muscles are really sore from my first run. Should I wait until they are feeling better or just power through tonight?


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I’d go, but take it slow and steady. Most people overdo the first run and pay for it after, but this isn’t about pace and punishment: it’s about stamina and fitness. Take it a little easier on yourself and enjoy learning what your body can do. Happy running 😀

Thanks. I thought I did take it easy - must be more unfit than I realised! I am really enjoying it so don't want to give up at the first hurdle. :)

ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to ginger-biscuit123

No need to give up. I offer that advice of my former driving instructor: “When in doubt, slow down !” 😄

OldgirlrunsGraduate in reply to ButtercupKid



Just go out and run , your body will need time to get used to your new exercise, try walking on your rest days to ease this 😊😊


Make sure you are properly hydrated as this can lead to heavy legs. You need to keep it up every day not just in your run days 👍

Great job on starting, keep up the good work 👏👏👏 slow and steady :)


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and explains the recommended easy conversational pace, how to minimise impact and stretching after every run.

Listen to your body, but keeping moving, rather than static, will help.

Enjoy your journey.

I was a bit sore still after my first run but not much so I decided to run my second run of week 1 yesterday still. Today I actually have no aches or pains at all.


I hurt so much after my first run (which was a week ago yesterday) for about 2 days. I decided to give myself a 2 day rest and felt much better, I’d have struggle and made it worse going the day before. Also I didn’t do any stretches after my first run but have done them after all the others and they’ve made so much difference!

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me - honestly reading all your kind words helps me so much. Managed to do my run tonight at a slow pace and feel okay so far. Remembered to do a stretch before and after too. Really enjoying the pace of this program :)

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