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Clubber's Log... Week One.

Week 1: Done. Difficult week but the first few runs are the hardest. I have pains everywhere but I'm just glad to be out there running again. Bring on week 2.

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Congratulations to you clubberlang on completing week 1 of C25K and welcome to the forum. Most people who report their progress regarding week 1 and 2 find week 2 less tiring, some have said after they completed run 1 that they thought they would die, none have and none will.

Onwards and upwards to week 2, remember that you can repeat any runs or week's if you wish, take the runs slow and steady, drink plenty of water πŸ’¦the day before you run πŸƒ.

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Thanks AlMorr.


They are the hardest! Well done for getting out there. As the durations increase you can slow down, and your brisk walk can be faster than your run!

It’s an amazing journey! Good luck.

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