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The dreaded week 5 run 3

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Have just completed this run after work after telling everyone all day how much I couldn't do it. Well I did. Followed the advice of the guys on here to slow it down and before I knew it, Jo Whiley was telling me times up. I'm so buzzed I could cry πŸ€ͺ

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You meant to say...the delightful do-able Week 5 Run 3.. didn't you?

Huge well done you!

Slow and steady as you head into the next week... one foot after the other!


Well done

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πŸ‘πŸΌπŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸΌ Just shows what belief will do for you! Well done. Believe in the Snail 🐌 and the Tortoise 🐒 πŸŽ‰

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Thanks for all of the comments, it's amazing how much motivation this forum gives.

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Congratulations Foodbaby on completing run 3 of week 5, it is no longer and never was dreaded. Run 3 of week 5 is a milestone run with C25K.

Onwards and upwards to week 6 run 1 but be careful about that run as it catches out some people with the interval walks 🚢 and runs πŸƒ,I bet you will be buzzing for the rest of the day 😊.

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Craig-14Graduate in reply to AlMorr

Hi this is my next run- week 6 run1 - I keep reading it catches people out but in what way?

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to Craig-14

After the long 20 minute run of week 5, run 1 and 2 of week 6 are back to a few interval walks as well as runs, as long as you don't go too fast you will find those two runs to be OK.

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Craig-14Graduate in reply to AlMorr

Ahh ok many thanks- I did think it may be to do with speed!

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Yay I’ve just done mine 😁 brilliant buzz isn’t it , I was like you dreading it ... but hey we did it bring on wk6 😊

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FoodbabyGraduate in reply to Blueberrydog

Bring it on πŸƒ

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Well done.........but why spread the unjustified "dreaded" myth?

It is just another run............but a bit special.

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Great work you did it even after having doubted yourself 😊😊

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Well done great job

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Well done! I did cry when I completed this run! It was more of attending point for me than graduation, to be honest. Enjoy week 6 πŸ‘

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FoodbabyGraduate in reply to molly1973

Thanks @molly1973

Congrats on your run, that’s a milestone right there so we’ll done and keep going.

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