The dreaded Week 5 run 3

(Gravelly movie trailer voice) In a time where one run ruled them all, (bom bom bom bom bom bom) A time of knees and wobbling. (bah baaaaaa) A land occupied by an ancient tribe of would-be runners, (bom bom bom bom bom bom) One podcast separated those who could from the hhmm I'm not sures, (bah baaaaaH) Shortlegs faces the just over half way there challenge to seal her fate (bah bah baaaaa baaaa baa bom bombom) As the voice of Laura announces with unbidden glee (bom bom bom baaaaaaa) Today (baaaaa) you will run (baaaaaaaa) for 20 minutes without stopping (baaaaaaaaaa)

Fade out to sound of wheezy panting and the sound of feet on tarmac.

I only blooming did it. Having I read around, I think week 5 run 3 has more hype and build up that any other run. Even when you've finished, Laura gives in to reality and says if it didn't go too well, try doing the week's podcasts again. Despite this, I am proud to say I made it. Maybe I gave myself a headstart by accidentally doing week 6 run 2 last time round, maybe it was a fluke. But I rogged (that's right dear reader, rogged, not running, but I feel jogging is a little too 80's pastel-coloured-sweatband-and-side-ponytail for me, so I'm trying out rogged as a cross between the two.) I rogged for 20 minutes and at the end I felt like I could carry of for a few more strides without collapsing. Hurray!

I am, of course, in total denial. School starts tomorrow, looking back at June, I hadn't run at all. But I also hadn't had the Chronic Fatigue confirmed and been told to slow down, because my frequent tripping over, lack of short term memory, unreliable digestive system, inability to maintain blood sugar levels and occasional blurred vision were all down to my overdoing it. I don't feel entirely sure (at all) that I can still teach. Let alone hold down my job and sanity as well as continuing with the programme. However, I'm planning it like this. ON Monday, when I've survived, I'm going to start week 6. Wednesday or Thursday, all being well, I'll carry on. One rog at a time.


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8 Replies

  • Can you rog it? Yes you can! Well done shortlegs. :D It's amazing how we work ourselves up about W5,R3 and then we just go out and do it. ;) I think the biggest challenge in this run is the mental battle. Laura is quite right about us being physically ready, we just have to convince our brains. Take care of yourself now and remember there's no deadline to graduate, so have some extra rest days if you need them (I certainly did in week 6). Best of luck.

  • Loved your 'rog blog,' good luck and I'm sure you'll take it all in your stride...;)

  • Well done you! Your movie trailer made me laugh! Good luck with the start of term. As a parent I can't wait! ;-)

  • I can well believe it, in some ways I'm looking forward to getting back to reality, in others, I'm just as terrified as the kids!!

  • Haha - great blog! Glad you prevailed over the beast that is.....: [gravelly movie voice] Week 5, Run Threeeeee... Rog your way to victory!

  • Cheers Suki, I'm looking forward to the first run of week 6, at the end of a long day back at work.

  • Love it - I too today joined the W5 R3 Rogging club!!! And can fully sympathise with the return to school. (or FE college in my case) Last week it was the promise of my run that got me through Friday, when the utter despondency of completing my first week of pre teaching admin was just too awful. Its amazing how much better the world appears after a run.

    Well done you especially with the CF too - hope that the rogging will help with that. Hers to week six!!!

  • I'm doing wk5 r1 tomorrow and aiming for R3 by Sunday- I'm sure I'll 'rog' the whole thing!!

    Well done you- good luck for wk 6, you'll be a grad before you know it :)

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