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Restarting after a week’s break - advice please :)


Hi everyone! I really struggled with Week 4; I found the runs very tough, which got me discouraged and after completing the three runs, I stopped for a week. I’m now trying to get back into the programme - would you recommend redoing Week 4 or should I start on with Week 5 despite the week’s break I had? Thanks!

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It is your choice, but it might be good to repeat W4 more slowly & feel more comfortable. - If that feels psychologically good go for it. If it feels disappointing, do W5 really slowly. 😀 I think whatever you choose is a win win situation!

PS Make sure you are well hydrated- not just on run days, all days.


Personally, if you found them tough the first time, I would redo Week 4 but drop your pace so that you achieve them, hopefully more easily. Honestly, many repeat weeks and if this is a change for life, then it really doesn't matter if it takes longer, does it? Slow and steady at this stage is much more helpful than pushing too hard. Pace comes later! Good luck and keep the faith!😀👍

Thank you both for your advice! I think I’ll retry W4 slower and then see from there :)


You wouldn’t have lost any fitness over the week so you could continue. Really up to you. Perhaps you are running too fast? Search for ‘Japanese slow jogging movement’ on youtube and you’ll find a video with a low-impact slow running technique that I found really useful. The trick for my progress was learning that my run could be slower than my brisk walk. Someone on here recommended the vid and that massively improved my technique. I’m still running that way - and love it.


Ok, I'll be straight with you. Ignore everyone else that's replied: here's the real deal. Firstly, observe the rites of self flagellation. (The running gods are favouring use of a knout this month, but only until this Sunday so make sure you do it quickly.) Then, when you have suitably punished yourself, go to your local town centre and jog on the spot naked whilst screaming "C25K! C25K! C25K!" for the length of running in the week you BETRAYED. After returning home, baste your aardvark in week old urine (you have been preparing for something like this, haven't you? It does say in the small print...) whilst chanting the 'person who has disappointed everyone' bhuddist sutras, in Himalayan. You also have to do the dance. After this, you should be suitably ready to return to running. Now is the perfect time to get your gait tested, buy some new running shoes and dress in something bright before going out to running glory!

Or just pick up where you left off, it's only been a week.

But please, don't piss on an aardvark. They don't like it.

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