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What have you seen on your run you wouldn’t have seen otherwise?


Hello folks- my first post here. I’m only in week 1 and am going to ‘fess up that I deeply dislike running! However, cos of how my body is this is one form of exercise that may be open to me. I have chronic pain in my hands which means anything that involves upper body - including would you believe Tai Chi (hand waving), swimming (resistance of the water), cycling (holding handles) etc etc isn’t an option. Even clenching my fists running can be a trigger.

However - I wanted to write a positive note to start and ask you what you’ve seen running that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Because I don’t like running (did I say that? :) ) and my body won’t let me set goals (can’t use willpower to over ride body) I need other,maybe less tangible rewards to keep me interested.

So last night, in the dark, I was running (well, walking- running it’s only wk1 !) past a lake in a nearby park. The moon was almost full and as clear as could be, the lake was glittering with the moonlight and it was absolutely delightful. As I ran around the lake the moon shifted, so that the water at the edge of the lake was caught in a line of silver. Magical.

I wouldn’t have seen this otherwise.

So inspire me with your moments of gorgeousness!

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Fields of crocus and snowdrops in the Country Park.

TreewomanGraduate in reply to Erddig

Yum! I’ll have to do a daytime one!


Recently I ran in some woods without headphones for the first time and heard woodpeckers! I have seen some beautiful views too: winter sunshine and the odd sunrise 😊

TreewomanGraduate in reply to molly1973

A friend suggested no headphones (but he’s already a committed runner) I can see the appeal ... one day perhaps I’ll be able to do so without needing Sarah to tell me when it’s ok to walk!

molly1973Graduate in reply to Treewoman

Yes I was on a consolidation run so that helps

TreewomanGraduate in reply to molly1973

What’s a consolidation run? (I read consolation run!)

molly1973Graduate in reply to Treewoman

It’s when you finish C25k and consolidate by repeating 30mins 3x per week if you can. It’s keeping the routine going and building stamina to then go further/faster if you want. Therefore I wasn’t using the app. Consolation is certainly possible though!


Huge well done you....check out some of my past rambles...so much to see..smell..hear and feel...truly..like tour run..magical..😊


I run a 5K loop and part of it is down along a river. Some days and evenings I see a crane fishing along the river bank.

I run along the sea front and through a park. I’ve seen rabbits, geese, swans, beautiful skies and heard some amazing bird song when I run naked (no music). Plus of course the sea. I never get tired of it’s changes. Now I’m looking out for cignets. 🤞

TreewomanGraduate in reply to Knittingrunner

Y’see, when you say naked running ... my mind goes to when I was visiting Brighton and a whole naked running group- I mean properly naked - went by me on the sea front. 1. Only in Brighton lol 2. Felt very sorry for the policeman on the motorcycle at the back.


ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Treewoman

Probably safer staying behind them. The view from the front must be quite something 😂

I have only been running since May, so my experience is limited to 99 runs (100 tomorrow!). I run on the fringe of woodland on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, and try to get out early in the day; occasionally I have an evening run. What have I seen, or, I see it, encountered? Birds are the starting point. At this time of year with the Sun often low,in the sky when I run everything (Bull finches, wood peckers, long tailed tits, blue tits, great tits robins grouse pheasants and so on) looks freshly painted and illuminated. On the ground I have seen foxes, rabbits, deer, and stoats and have run amongst cattle and sheep(by accident but there you are!). Then there are people; other runners, walkers or people just out for the day. I like the apres run in the cafe. I had a wonderful chat recently with a lady, probably in her seventies, who told me about her fairly recent trips to Everest base camp and the Inca Trail. I see and here so much by getting my running shoes on and just getting out there. Simple things for sure, but it really change how I feel. I am sure the endorphins from the running help too. I guess for me it is about lots of little things rather than the spectacular😊.

GoGo_JoJoModerator in reply to Beachcomber66

"Limited to 99 runs" 🤣

More than many people in a lifetime 😉😁

TreewomanGraduate in reply to Beachcomber66

My apres run is me looking at my husband in shock - shock I went out and did it and shock I made it back :)

Good luck for your tomorrow run... may it continue to be a feast for the senses...! X

TreewomanGraduate in reply to Kertesz

Thank you! I’m thinking Thursday as grumpy hands seem to want another day off. I’m going to check with my hand physio tomorrow to see if he has clues as to why hands don’t like running. It’s not like I’m running on my hands!


welcome to the forum

You've started the program and that's the hardest part.... actually starting and getting out of your front door!! so well done!

You'll find lots of inspiring stuff on here.. and pics ( we love pics) For me its been sunrises and sunsets

happy running

TreewomanGraduate in reply to Deals1

Was tempted to try a pic but thought if I stopped then would I start again!


Moons; full, half, crescents in all shades of white, cream and yellow.

Soooo many stars.

Sunsets in all their glorious natricolour, rabbits and hares. Squirrels, deer... right on the trail at times, pretty creepy in the dark. Owls. Little mice or voles.

Flowers. People. Some very nice, some annoying. Beautiful houses. Lush fields. Livestock. Some closer than I would like!

Bats. Birds, so many different birds.

And that's just off the top of my head 😁👍

TreewomanGraduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

I read that a few times, just to make sure you hadn’t slipped in a bear or two ... got a bit freaked yesterday in the darkest bit of our local park by a man, sitting in a park bench all in Black with only his eyes showing. After a panicky moment I thought ... rough sleeper. Poor chap.


I actually saw a Sinclair C5 (for anyone who was around in the 80's) in a Union Jack paintwork with a glow stick as a flagpole indicator - not nature based as I am an urban runner haha (Week 3(!))

TreewomanGraduate in reply to JellyJac

Lol! Well, I didn’t say it had to be nature-based 😄


I run late afternoon n recently it’s been the moon. Saw a rainbow a couple of weeks ago n a bullfinch last week. Only on my 4th week though so I’m sure I’ll see more lovely things soon 😊


What a lovely question to ask!

I've see roe deer leaping ahead of me in the woods, a muntjac peering through a fence at me, alpacas in a field, startled horses trotting in their paddock, and red kites wheeling above me.

What's not to love about running!

Beachcomber66Graduate in reply to Tartancat

Maybe the kites were looking for signs of fatigue!!🦅

TartancatGraduate in reply to Beachcomber66

Well they wouldn't have to look very hard!


A calf who had left his herd, it was before 06.00 and he was on an unlit country lane.

I like to think my call to the police saved the calf from injury and prevented a road traffic accident.

Also he was red and cream and rather gorgeous. 😊🐄

TreewomanGraduate in reply to Jell6

I used to be married to a farmer. We could’ve used you as a sheepdog supplement ...


Welcome! 😃 If you run very gently & slowly, you may gradually go from dislike -> tolerate -> enjoy at least some of it! Fingers crossed for you!! 😄 I will never forget the moment when I first thought “This is ok” - & slowly it became better.

I have run on crispy snow sparkling in the street lights at night. I have seen lots of sunsets, beautiful morning light, a cheeky black pony wrapped in a muddy red jacket rushing after me in hope of a carrot, ( he just looked at me in disgust 2 days later 😂) The thing I did NOT see was the wave that got me. 😂

TreewomanGraduate in reply to Elfe5

Mmmmm...! Snow in streetlights. Reminds me of when I was a kid, being walked to and from evening Brownie group.


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

On individual runs I have witnessed stunning sunrises and magnificent moonsets. Over the years I watch the seasons move inexorably onward.

Enjoy your journey.


Well done for taking the first step on C25k. I'm only on w2 myself, but enjoying so far. On this afternoon's run I was just thinking how pretty the daffodils and snowdrops were.

TreewomanGraduate in reply to J412

I work outdoors at times (I’m Treewoman as that’s my real life job, inspecting trees) and was stopped in my tracks last week by a garden absolutely full of purple crocus. A feast to winter-starved eyes.


On my last run four red deer broke from the woods and hurried away. Only a fence between us. And if I hadn’t been running I wouldn’t have been out of bed by then, never mind jogging by the woods 😄

TreewomanGraduate in reply to ButtercupKid

(Bet they were walking between runs and really peeved they had to start running again 🙂)Sounds like a lovely moment.

ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Treewoman

It was - completely unexpected !

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