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What did you see today on your run?


One of my favourite things about running is the weird things I see on my route! On Sunday I saw a young couple tango-ing on the common, apparently without music, yesterday I nearly fell over to spot two Aberdeen Angus type beasties, complete with horns, grazing on the grass in front of Kings College! Cambridge people take the phrase "common land" seriously! I'm so grateful for running, I'd never see any of these funny things from my couch...

I'd love to know what YOU see....

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I saw a trail runner going through a really wet boggy patch of moorland while I was on the track. He was running pretty fast and the boggy water was splashing beautifully from the back of his heels. He was seen and then gone in a very short space of time and I thought one day that will be me. Not much chance really and I'd probably sink in the bog rather than being able to skim over it. But its nice to dream.

Maysie1Graduate in reply to DownNotUp

I would get to the mud and then face-plant in a cow pat.

That is just the story of my life...!

Although I suppose I would do it quite quickly, so there is a positive side! ;)


Cambridge is such a lovely place to be first thing in the morning when there is no one around.

I lived there for a few years before I moved back to Suffolk a few years ago due to the huge amount of pretentious kno6s that seemed to move into the Cambridge area in the late 1990's and haven't looked back since.

All I see on my runs now is my own shadow and mud - lots of it.


Ducks, swans, Canada geese, coots, moorhens and a heron this morning :)


Nothing weird. But had the pleasure of seeing the moon and the stars. Deffo wouldn't have seen that if I'd stayed in bed :)

Nothing weird, luckily spotted the swans so I could get Ferd out of the canal.

It's muddy now so I don't expect to see many runners or dog walkers


Three yummy mummies with all the gear on but who, despite me being the only person around, looked at me then looked away without even acknowledging me; a duck statue in someone's garden that I think is a cat (Every. Single. Time); numerous people driving whilst on their mobiles (didn't realise just how many still do this); the cardio tennis gang; several builders who always say hello; but no squirrels today - I am always a little disappointed when I don't see any squirrels.


I saw a little lass on a unicycle fhe other day. I would have loved to have a go! I saw all sorts on comic relief day. Incredible hulk! LOL


I had a run along the sea front today and the sun even came out........wouldn't have seen that from the couch ;-)


I don't get to see a lot at 5am in the morning! But whenever I do I am always a little startled because of the time :o

This morning:

*Fella strolling down the road in a flat cap - I did wonder where on earth he was going at such a time!

*Fella in hi vis bib jaywalking down the central reservation of a dual carriageway, casually smoking.

*Cyclist with no lights/helmet on on the pavement hurtling towards me which I had to dive out of the way for - a pet hate - especially as there is a cycle lane in the road! >:(

I did see something that made me chuckle the other day though...

A young girl, about 18 yo, walking towards me in bright pink trainers and capris, phone in hand, headphones in ears... she must be a runner I thought to myself. As I got closer she kindly and petitely stepped onto the grass to let me pass.. I politely thanked her as I ran past, red-faced and sweaty. And it was only then I noticed she had a FULL FACE of makeup on, blusher, eye shadow, everything! :o Interesting...! :D


Daily viewings of squirrels, rabbits, pheasants and very occasionally deer. Buzzards wondering at what point up that hill I will give up the will.

A couple of other runners who are friendly and say hello, dog walkers, friendly man on motorbike who parks in the car park most mornings until about 10 to 8 when he drives off. Dunno why, but curious. A lady in her 80s who walks at least as far as 5k every morning with 3 dogs and her long stick. Another lady in her 80s who walks much slower, doesn't go quite so far and has a Labrador with hip problems, so they suit each other well and go at the same pace. A glamorous lady with two glamorous dogs who walks fully made up with lippy, the works. At 7am that's impressive for someone who reaches for the lippy only when she has ran out of Lipsyll and then only if a state visit is imminent.

Sometimes the best view of the morning is my post run HUGE mug of coffee and enough oatflakes or porridge to keep a small rhino alive for a week.

HiddenGraduate in reply to Slookie

Just me that read that as the two dogs had lippy on then?! :D

SlookieGraduate in reply to Hidden

Don't underestimate the glamour of this outfit :D

I think the 's' in 'walks' makes the sentence ok, but agree it could have been clearer :)

HiddenGraduate in reply to Slookie

Sorry, it was meant as a declaration of my skim reading not your wording! Although I do rather like the idea of seeing dogs in lipstick.

I'm lucky if I've managed to not dribble tea down my dressing gown by seven o'clock in the morning :D


Hi Curly , last night all i saw was the beam of another head torch coming towards me and warm hello exchanged :)


I saw a beautiful red kite hunting around over the field today. Lovely birds and they seem to be thriving these days.

UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Oh! And lots of mud and puddles!


I usually see dog walkers, all of whom seem to wear sark clothing and tge only way I see them is when their dogs eyes reflect the light of my head torch! Also paperboys on their way to the two shops in our village, again in dark clothes and no front lights! Guess what my pet hates are!


Hehe, some good spots there!

My regulars include '2 husky dog man' who is out smoking even at 6am, a heron (day light hours), fit running man, man on bike with dog alongside running and a fox.

A few weeks I spotted the undercover operation at Morrisons where they were exchanging those trolleys which require a pound, with those which don't.

:-) :-)

SlookieGraduate in reply to pinkangel16

Miss Marple Pinkangel! Hope you were wearing your cardi under your hi-vis when you did the Morrisons sleuth :D


I spent a couple of minutes the other day wondering why a goose was waddling down the pavement towards me, waving it's neck about.

Then when I got closer I realised it wasn't a goose at all but a little white dog with its tail in the air!

Had sweat in my eyes!


This morning: a carpet of yellow leaves, a robin.

an elderly couple holding hands and walking their dog, a fella practising his rugby drop kicks.

Last run, I saw a figure wearing a headtorch picking up dog doos in the middle of the park. If only all the dog walkers were as committed.


I saw MOGER from this forum today!

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