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Couch to couch :)


Couch to 5k why can't I stick it.....grrr. It drives me nuts. I think I need a running partner, maybe this is the answer. Think I have had 3 attempts. I really enjoy it. Might put the feelers out again to some of my FB friends to see if anyone wants to join me.

Friday morning and thinking out loud ha ha

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I did this with my sister - not together as we live in different towns, and not necessarily at the same time, but roughly. We texted each other our progress, tips and generally encouraged each other along the way.

But what is it that stops you - pain, injury, too hard, or no reason you just stop?

Hey. I think its more of the getting ready...stripping off just to get ready again ha ha.....crazy I know.:)


I've done this three times now.... once really successfully and ran a few times a week until I injured myself,and once half way through until I got I'll.

What helps is planning when I run and sticking to it (though I've been known to run earlier) and accountability.

So yes a running partner,either in person or just doing it at same day as you.

Or general accountability... do you have someone who will nag you to go? It's easier to make excuses to ourselves than others.

Good luck!!!

rosemel64 in reply to Letties

Nope no naggers ha ha


Is there a running club near you?

rosemel64 in reply to John_W

I guess there is but Im more of a slow runner than a serious runny club person :)

John_WAmbassador in reply to rosemel64

A good running club should cater for everyone - do some research, ask friends/family or look on internet forums .

rosemel64 in reply to John_W

Will look into it. Cheers

HegleyGraduate in reply to rosemel64

I've joined a local running club, and the range of runners is amazing - last week someone finished parkrun in under 16 mins (eek!) while I plodded along today in 44 minutes - but everyone is looked after and out for just the same. Definitely worth seeing what's about locally - good luck!


You can do this. John_W is pointing the right way I think... lots of clubs have C25K programmes and leaders who’ve taken many people through it.

Ah ok i might look into that ...cheers

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