Couch to 5 ?


I am determined now. tried running before but 'failed' got bored, lost interest. knee hurt. couldnt get the breathingright. always started off to quick and got out of breath.

hopefuly tomorrow morning im going to get out and do what i can. Ive got some new trainers and have flat feet. so hope that helps. I have just started doing30day plank as well. on day 2. did 20/30 seconds. killer it is. and have a mini trampoline used afew times.

anyone any tips.

do i have to listen to the app. or can i just do what i can, walk. then a bit more.

this time ive got a music player which i think will help/make it worthwhile.


any motivation x



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  • FTDP

    Follow The Damn Plan

  • I used the app all the way through to graduation which was yesterday. The app lets you choose your own music so it's all good.

    It's surprising how quickly you end up running effectively, stick at it you will get there.

  • As Rignold says, I'd definitely suggest following the plan otherwise - it gives you encouragement and makes you push yourself whereas you may not to do if you just set yourself the target of doing what you can. I must admit I felt pretty intimidated when I first started - I haven't run for about 20 years and need to lose about 4 stone but the plan is so good in getting you going and building you up week by week. I'm on w4r2 and never thought I'd be able to run for 5 minutes without stopping but it's doable.

    I'd suggest listening to the podcast to begin with as you get tips as you go along (I'm not sure if you get those on the app where you can bring your music in as I've only used the podcast so far . Just pace yourself and don't try to go too quickly as you will tire yourself out. It's about building stamina week by week - good luck!

  • Hi, which app is it.? is it the change for life

    couch to 5 app.

    i got apps on my phone but dont have a podcast

  • I downloaded to my phone from here

  • The app does all the timing for you for walks and runs plus Laura shares tips and gives encouragement along the way, so I recommend the podcasts as you work through the programme. Definitely, take your time so that you are comfortable and to reduce injury risk. Take rest days - just run X 3 times a week and if I can do it, I am sure you can too. Julie

  • Android phones which I believe you have use apps, Apple iPhone & iPods uses pod casts which don't apply to you, but they are generally better as the apps can fail.

    As for doing the plan there's no hard & fast rules on here! Try the first couple of runs and see how you go. You have to be prepared for some discomfort though and that's the only way to get through it! SHEAR GRIT & DETERMINATION.......

    But, to be successfull and graduate in the plan you should endeavour to follow the plan FULLY & listen & concentrate & follow what Laura says, as the programme has been devised by experts, and you shouldn't try and alter what's been laid out...good luck!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • If you can download the podcasts onto your mp3. Then away you go. Listen to Laura your trainer and she will talk you through each run. Take it nice and slowly and try to find somewhere flat that you can run like a park.

    Good luck :)

  • Follow the advice and follow the plan... slow and steady! :)

  • The people who seem to do best on here are those who follow the plan like OCD. Do exactly as Laura says and in nine weeks you will be running for 30 minutes. You'll ache a lot along the way and it'll be hard going but YOU CAN DO IT.

    Some of the graduates on here are very unlikely candidates to take up running, but they did it. I did it. Now it's your turn.

    Keep posting and let us know how you get on

  • So true. It is *not* the ones who go at fitness like a bull at a gate who are able to maintain it - either you run out of mental steam or you get injured. Building up to a well-rounded programme is excellent but if this is for life and health, it doesn't have to be (and shouldn't be) started all at once.

  • Get the podcasts, cheesy music and all, and do what Laura tells you - and take it slow and steady. Best of luck.

  • Here's a link to various podcasts to download... fill yer boots :-)

    No real need for music... Laura will keep you amused for 9 weeks or so.

  • Hi .I've downloaded change 4 life couch to 5 on my phone and just watched laura looks great. Ready to go tomorrow looking forward to it. Straight after dropping kids of school

    Can't find my music player

    So will listen to it on my phone. X that's it the secret Is I do need a plan program or I get bored

    Appreciate all the support on getting on the right track. X

    Again thanx

  • Good Luck for tomorrow Beth !

    Let us know how you go on ! :-) xxx

  • Good luck - the plan has helped thousands of us to become runners - no reason why it should be any different for you!

  • Hi. Went out this morning did the full day 1

    Went well. I just went around my house on streets

    I think next time I will prefer to jog round park

    Where does everyone else like to run ?

    Thanx for all the support

    Done day 1. Woo x

  • well done, w1r1 is one of the most difficult.

  • Tell you something, more and more these days I am running bare (e.g. without music - much too cold for the other sort of 'bare' - I'd probably be chased by a hungry 'bear' !!) and finding it good.

  • Hi

    I done day 2 today wk1

    How often am I supposed to run.? Cold it was

  • The idea is that each week has three runs, and you aren't supposed to run on consecutive days so you could run on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or whichever combination of days that suit your lifestyle.

    There is a lot of information in this link

    Keep on running

  • Hi. I can run outside mondays and fridays. but will struggle with wednesdays running. the only thing i could do is thursday night!!

    or Wednesday night at home on my treadmill. is that ok ?

  • Hi. I came to a bit of a standstill with running. I had my wisdom tooth out 2 weeks this thursday. really knocked me. so need to get back on my feet. am i ok to do it on the treadmill which is at my home. or to feel the benefits do i need to get out. was going to go yesterday but was v bitter/cold. yes a wimp i am.ย 

  • I love the podcast and highly recommend it. It's motivating to see the changes. I just started this week and I'm on a complete high!

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