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Couch to......Ten Miles!

July 2013..... W1R1..... At the age of 50, I'd never run before and it was real hard work.

April 2014..... I just completed a 10 mile run!

Ok, not exactly rapid in 1h52, but although my legs feel tired, I have to say I think I've finally got the breathing thing licked. I deliberately chose an easy opening 2k section to get over that awful lung-burning, overheating phase (does everyone get that?) and from then on it came to me quite easily.

I've been running 5ks about three times a week since graduation and to work up to today's run I ran a couple of 10ks in the last week. I'd only ever run over 5k about 10 times previously working up in small steps, about one or two longer runs every month. A month ago I ran an 11k and two weeks ago, 13.5.

If any new runners amongst you think the challenge is beyond you, trust me, it isn't. If you want more evidence, today is the seventh anniversary of my hip replacement operation. There were times before that when I couldn't walk one mile.....

I feel incredible!

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Fabulous post. We are exactly the same age and I too concur with your point towards new runners. I haven't ever run as far as you but I'm up to running 10K which took a year to achieve so I guess I'm just another massive fan of this program! Again though, well done on your ten miler!



That is inspiring. Thanks for sharing and good luck with that (future) marathon :-)


Well done Rob! I'm so pleased for you. You must feel absolutely bursting with delight at nailing that distance

Glad you posted that as I am training for a 10 mile having done no races at all yet, so it's good to know about your route to the finishing line. Now you've done it, it gives me more confidence that I can, although I'm a bit older than you at 56


Congratulations!!! what a great achievement for you and an inspirational post that makes me think maybe i can do 10 miles eventually!! Bask in the glory of a job well done! :)


Fabulous...just goes to show what anyone can achieve, and you have done brilliantly ( and your lovely dog?). Keep enjoying it and have fun!!


Thank you all.

What was that about a Marathon? Can't say that's very appealing right now..... Everything aches!

Mind you, it was the same after W5R3......


Congratulations on all you've achieved in such a short time. All very inspirational, especially after a hip replacement. Well done.


What a great achievement. You must be feeling really proud of yourself and so you should. Posts like this really do give me belief. Happy running and well done.


What a fantastic achievement, Rob; a very hearty well done! :-) Truly inspirational to us all and shows us what we can do, even if we think we can't! Congratulations - and onward to the next run and milestone!


Hi Rob- you are incredible ! Well done and all the very best to you and your Westie :-) xx


inspiration for us all

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Well done have you done a race yet? I did a1/2 marathon a week before my 51st birthday. It was awesome! And now having read Suzybejs post I want to do the full distance.......



No, no races, although I have joined the office team for a charity 5k in July. As a new runner, I'm still revelling in the pure joy (and I can't believe I use that word) of discovering new routes and achieving new times and distances.


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