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First run in the morning

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I am nervously anticipating my first run in the morning. I’ve been thinking about trying C25K for years but have finally got my act together and begin tomorrow. I am worried that I won’t manage it, or that I just won’t be able to make my body jog! I used to play netball weekly, but I’ve since had my second baby (now ahem 2.5) and put on some weight. I’m about 5 stone overweight! I’ve got some supportive shoes and I’m planning on going very slowly. Look forward to being part of this community and hoping I can do it!

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Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.

I started today ! Wasn’t sure id be able to do it but I managed ! Even if you don’t do all of the jogging at least you’re out and moving which will never be bad !

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Congratulations on starting C25K just take sll the runs slowly.

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Hi, I’ve just completed week 1. I was told to take it slow and it really did help. You’re doing something fantastic, I hope tomorrow goes well for you 😊

Welcome!! You are decided, got your gear and are clear about taking it slowly. You will do great tomorrow! And even if you do not complete all the running pieces, you will be proud of yourself for taking the first step! Keep us posted, we are a friendly bunch of fellow runners and love learning about each other’s stories!! Happy running!!! 🏃‍♀️😃

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Just do it! Think about it afterwards, that advice was given to me and it has helped. I just get the gear on and get out the door (mostly) as I am an excellent procrastinator! Good luck, take it slow and you will be fine 😃

Go for it. U will do it. Just take it slowly. I’m still shuffling along on week 2. Let us know how u get on

Just put one foot in front of the other. Keep going. You'll do it!

Thanks so much for all your encouragement, I did it!!! I’m so chuffed and I feel great!

Yayyy! Well done you! I am on week 2 and getting there... slowly does it!

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NetballKittyGraduate in reply to PeachyKeenJellyBean

Well done! See - positive attitude makes all the difference. You know now that you can do 8 minutes, and the worst is over - you've dusted off your trainers and opened the front door. I'm Week 2 - and did R1 yesterday. Going into the other two runs I know mentally that I can complete them, even if the body isn't so sure. Looking forward (well sort of...) to R2 later this week.

Why not consider also going back to netball? There's loads of B2N clubs and groups...

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PianismGraduate in reply to PeachyKeenJellyBean

Well done! Getting started is the hardest part for many! You'll find plenty of support and encouragement here so keep us posted on your progress. :)

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MaddyNedGraduate in reply to PeachyKeenJellyBean

Well done. I’m 2 stone overweight and was hard to get going for me. I stayed at the couch point for a long time but now I’m on week 3 run 1 on Saturday and feel so much better already. Keep going and we’ll done again xxxx

The first step is a big one, but this program really makes it easy. I, like you was (and still am to some extent) apprehensove, didn't think I could do it, but if you keep to a slow comfortable pace, in sure you're gonna smash it.

If you follow the C25k programme your body will learn to run/jog again. I’m on Week 2...did GNR 3 year ago and could run 10mile without stopping but now 4 stone overweight too and just getting back into it. Stick with it and you will get there xx

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Take it slowly and enjoy it. I'm on W6 R1 never ran before really loving it. I feel so energised.

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Relax and enjoy the journey:) It is amazing how quickly the weeks pass and you suddenly realise how much you are running.

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Just a big well done, I’m on week six now and when I started week one was every bit as apprehensive. You’ve done all the right things, especially with decent footwear, like all things in life you’ll have your good and bad days but keep at it, it’s something you won’t ever regret good luck.

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Well done you. I graduated last week after not thinking I could run for 60 seconds just a few short weeks ago. Like everyone says, slow and sure and if you can't din it all just walk and try again. It will come. I made a little blog of my journey. If you get chance you can see the change over the weeks

Hi, a big well done for getting out and completing the first run. The advice on this forum and the C25K app about keeping a gentle pace is great. The most important thing is to try and keep going for the length of time, how far you go really doesn't matter. I am part way into week 3, and you'll find that the steps from one week to the next are really manageable. You've done the hardest bit which is to get going! Good luck with W1R2!

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Well done for doing it! I felt the same as you but have surprised myself so far! Good luck for the rest of it 😊

Hi! I'm in a similar-ish position, having been a competitive swimmer for 15 years, jacking it in 3 yrs ago and having done not much since then, apart from putting weight on 😂. My advice would be - you CAN do this, you just don't THINK you can - don't overthink it - one foot in front of the other - make yourself proud - report back! X

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Just wondering how you’re getting on, don’t forget to let us know

Thanks so much for checking in, I’m doing W2R3 in the morning and have been sticking to the programme so far and even though I would rather have done almost anything else at all last Friday I thought of all the encouragement on here and about how every run prepares us for the next one and went out. I’m finding it equal parts exhilarating that I’m doing it and exhausting!

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