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Painful knees!! W6R3 in the morning!!


I’m at the end of week 6 but am getting increasingly painful knees. The discomfort isn’t the same all the time but most often at the back of the knees

Do you think it’s safe to keep running... I really don’t want to give up now I’ve got into a routine ...:-(

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I saw a chiropractor about mine which were somoainful o nearly gave up. Now use a knee support and foam roller and try to keep moving for the rest of the day and things seem to be fine. did W6 R2 yesterday and not a twinge

Saxcrazy75 in reply to Madwife60

Thanks for the advice might get a support


Do try these, and do try to land lightly :)

Slow and steady :)

Saxcrazy75 in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks yes I’m trying those now...probably a bit late in the program but am hoping building muscle will help. I’m definitely slow... will try and land lightly though that sounds harder to master 😜

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Saxcrazy75

Just think..kissing the ground with your feet 😊

Saxcrazy75 in reply to Oldfloss

Back from my w6r3 and can’t say I was lightly kissing the floor, more giving it a big smacker but knees held up yay!!!! 😊


I have exactly the same problem and it’s very uncomfortable ..... my thighs ache aswell 😳 I tried deep heat but not that helpful and Gp said to take painkillers like neurofen. I don’t want to give up but it’s no better and I’m 12 weeks in ? Hope someone can advise us

I try neurofen but don’t like taking tablets everyday!!! Hopefully it will ease soon

Hi Saxcrazy, are your running shoes giving you correct support? This can result in knee pain. You can get a free gait analysis at a proper running shop, and they can advise you of the correct shoes to support you.

The knee strenghening exercises Oldfloss has given you will help too.

Hope you get this sorted.😊x

Thanks off to get gait analysis done this weekend!! 😊

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Saxcrazy75

Read this before you go

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