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Running for the sprints


It was cold as eff. Windy as eff, and raining today!

I managed to get out down the seafront with Doozer and off we went again. From Thorpe Bay huts all the way past Chalkwell Casino. The only problem with these runs is having to walk back to the van afterwards, in total, including our run, me and Doozer went 7 miles today 😂

When I started today, I was excited for the sprint because that's been the best part of my runs recently. Now that I'm starting to recognise my pattern in these long runs too, I'm understanding that when my legs hurt or I get tired and want to stop, those feelings are temporary fleeting tests for me to pass. Usually by halfway through I'm all good. When I struggled I told myself "yes I can stop now if I want but then I won't be doing any sprints today" like how you tell children they can leave the vegetables off their dinner if they want but they won't be getting any dessert 😂

It worked though.

I wanted that sprint and the buzz from it so badly.

It was a tough run against the wind and cold cutting through, then it started to rain and everyone looked like miserable zombies.

But it went quickly, really quick actually, the thing that made it better was that I had two other runners smile back at me, and one girl who was running smiled at me AND GAVE ME A THUMBS UP. It probably sounds silly but it honestly does make all the difference and keeps me goingl. So by the time I got to 24 minutes and I heard the word "sprint" I went mad for it.

I didn't plan this, but the song I was listening to had a 1 minute instrumental which started just as I sprinted and finished at the end of my sprint. It was perfect. I got goosebumps during my sprint.

And a stitch. So I definitely need to drink a lot more water, which I'm working on doing 🤣

I also read elsewhere about doing an NHS work out schedule that's planned around couch to 5 K for the days off. I'm going to do that because I've read it helps with leg aches and pains. I need to build up my overall strength alongside running.

Tomorrow I'm having a 1 on 1 kickboxing session too since I haven't done kickboxing for a little while, so I'm really really excited to get back on that as I love it. I'll be doing lots of gentle stretches afterwards and get myself a hot bath to massage my legs in, ready for Mondays run.

I felt a bit sad when i saw that I only have 6 runs left of c25k. I will miss it and miss Jo Whiley 😂

I plan to do the last week for another month afterwards, roughly, then move on to what Doozer is doing as we'd both love to run a 10k by the end of the year which is a goal that feels a bit more than achievable right now.

Mondays run will be 28 minutes. I feel like I can definitely do this. Those extra 3 minutes are going to feel like an entire hour but I know for a fact I can do this. I'm learning the tricks my mind plays on me and I won't be letting my brain tell me I can't do it. If I can go from 60 second running to 25 minutes running and a sprint, then I can bump this up a gear to 3 extra minutes.

Monday is also my birthday.

I'm actually really looking forwards to this. 👊

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Hiya! What a small world. We’re Facebook friends! Is that why you popped up in my feed,

I wonder? I love seeing your posts - they’re very inspiring. I haven’t startted running yet but I did a 2.5 hour walk today in the countryside with some friends and it was lovely. Anyway, just thought I’d say hello, and well done! X

Just realised we’re not friends on Facebook, I just follow your artist page!


Great running again. You two will be at 10k easily by the end of the year. Have a wonderful birthday run on Monday.


Happy early birthday! With how well your journey has gone so far and how in tune you've become with your body and the tricks it likes to play that you have to power through, you should be able to reach that 10k milestone this year with Doozer. Another great week in the bag!

Happy Birthday and well done! In that weather too!

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