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Hey runners!

I didn't get a chance to write here yesterday as I had such a busy day that when I got a chance to lay down and look at my phone I fell asleep!

Yesterday morning I went running out in the freezing cold frost in a pair of shorts. I didn't want to get my jogging bottoms wet or muddy and so thought I'd be alright in shorts. I was. But it was so cold!

So this is my last run of week 2.

I don't know about anyone else here but do you get excited to do your run? I'm always excited to do it but I don't actually always physically enjoy running. I feel like my body weights 10 billion stone sometimes and just dragging it around like a sack of giant potatoes.

It felt like that a bit yesterday. I enjoyed the cold air hitting my legs. But didn't enjoy how red raw they were afterwards, then I had quite a busy day on my feet, so by the time I laid down in the evening I was aching a bit! The good feeling when the run is done stuck with me for most of the day though. As someone who has PCOS I've struggled with fatigue for a while. This year I've been trying to change it. I'm on Metformin as of a month ago (usually a diabetic medication but also works for PCOS) and supposed to be on a low carb diet but I decided that starting that diet mid-December is a terrible idea. Just from running with this app, taking B12 vitamins and taking Metformin, I am feeling a lot more awake and energetic during the day though. So for me, this is brilliant.

Doozer is still feeling poorly so I didn't make him run with me.

Infact making sure he continues to run is one of the things that keeps me going while I'm running, when I'm feeling exhausted and I think I can't run anymore I think about how I'd be encouraging quitting, which is something we both never do.

I ran round the village in BRILL. I can literally do the whole village in two 90 second runs and one walk πŸ˜‚

There is a house there that was cooking bacon, and I was tortured by that smell every time I ran passed it! It made me really hungry! I think it also made me run a little faster to get away from the smell.

I counted my breaths inbetween runs like the other day, oh and I had a sneaky little listen to see if my breaths were in time to my steps in and our every 4 steps right? I can't full on count it because once I start doing that I get thrown off and my breathing goes all over the place. So I just told myself I wasn't listening but I did for a brief moment and I was naturally in time. As long as I'm not totally exhausted I'm generally breathing in time.

I'm a bit scared for next weeks run. That's the one with 3 minutes in. I thought it might be a slower build up but this app keeps surprising me.

Doozer reminded me how far I've come in just two weeks as well.

At the start of this I didn't think I could run for 60 seconds let alone run for 60 seconds 8 times in a row.

Now I'm doing 90 seconds 6 times in a row.

Maybe I'll surprise myself with this 3 minutes thing.

I hope so! πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘Š

Here's a photo of me trying to unfreeze my face so that I can smile again.

6 Replies

Well done BirdyRose! I’m one run behind you... also look forward to running, don’t really enjoy it while I’m doing it, battle doubts and negative thinking, then feel energised and proud of myself afterwards. The highs and lows! Well done getting your legs out - I went the other way and huge pink leg warmers today 🀣

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BirdyRose in reply to ktsok

I am definitely getting leg warmers!!! Brilliant idea!

Awesome Birdy! Well done for getting out on a frosty morning... & in shorts! πŸ™Œβ„οΈπŸ’ͺ

You can definitely do the 3mins! Keep believing & take it easy! You’ve got this! πŸ™Œ

Well done on week 2! You're doing brilliant. I found week 3 much easier than week 2, which was weird.. but still preferred it.

I'm also not dieting yet (although feeling guilty) but Christmas is a terrible year to start making diet changes. January 1st will be making big changes to my diet whilst still running each week.

Hope enjoy week 3!

Nice to hear someone else in the same boat as me regarding starting a diet mid December! I plan to focus on low carb diet January onwards as its what's recommended by the NHS for PCOS. I am definitely not missing out on roast potatoes this Christmas πŸ˜‚ πŸ₯”

Also it's encouraging to hear you preferred week 3. I'm now curious to see what I'll be like on that run rather than scared of it πŸ˜‚

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Well done. You have come a long way, Doozer is correct, and you can do those runs you are looking at... you have proof that it’s possible sitting/lying around feeling awful but giving you the encouragement. He’ll be back and he will need a couple of workouts to get back into it, so maybe you can run the same runs? Keep running and smiling.

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