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Week 7 run 1, still a lot to learn!


Today I bought some compression socks, but didn’t run in them because they felt funny in my running shoes 😂

I tend to run the same route each time, although it has had to get longer. It’s a loop and I don’t always run in the same direction. Today, as usual the first few minutes were really hard, then just before the first 5 was up it seemed to get easier, but then harder again and didn’t seem to ease up. At 20 minutes I was ok and just about enjoying it but there was not a lot left in me to sprint finish!!

Looking at my tracker after shows that the first part was quite up and down in terms of elevation and pace so I wonder if the slight inclines were meaning I was struggling to get the pace right. The second half was pretty much all a slow incline, but my pace was much more even.

Oh well, I finished and that’s what counts. Let’s do it again in a couple of days 😀

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Good run... don’t worry about the sprint finish... you’re allowed to finish on empty too! Hills do mess with pace... at parkrun they sometimes have pace runners in high viz with the time they’re pacing in their back... a good 30 minute pacer will run up and down hill slower than 6 mins/km and the flats faster... the ones who run an even pace tend to have exhausted people trying to keep up with them 😂

Hills are harder work both up and down, so slow and shorten your stride (more important going downhill) and then open back up on the flats. They do build stamina (and speed) very well though.

Happy running.


Wow week 7, well done! Yes hour stats seem to match difficulty and non flatness. Suppose it’s only normal. I had to start my run with a little hill and tried to concentrate on my heart rate keeping it as steady as possible which meant taking tiny steps, seemed to help.

I suppose it’s good to get used to all kinds of terrains and runs.

Again well done for getting so far in the process and inspiring us starters :-)

Yay go E! Fabulous effort. You say ‘quite up and down’ - that graphic makes it look like you are running the Himalayas!

And there is no ‘oh well I finished’ - you said ‘at 20 minutes I was ok and just about enjoying it’ - could you have contemplated that 6 weeks ago?!

So pleased for you. For us! Isn’t this great?

You could always use your compression socks for recovery?!

Yes, see you Sunday 😊

PS. Parked further away from school and ran up a very steep hill to collect child then we ran back to the car together. Utter madness 😄

E27M14Graduate in reply to ktsok

Haha, the other day it was pouring with rain when I went shopping so I ran across the carpark....... unimaginable just a few weeks ago.

ktsok in reply to E27M14

It’s a good feeling. A spontaneous supermarket dash. Haven’t experienced that one yet but have found myself parking at the very furthest corner of the car park.

I have always felt that running is something we should be able to do - we need to get away from the sabre-toothed tiger right? But I guess that’s all about adrenalin... this building up of running stamina is empowering.


Well done - this is my next one. Part of my mindset preparation seems to be reading all the recent "I did it" posts for the run in question, so thanks for doing it!!!

E27M14Graduate in reply to Ethelbert

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.


Well done you. On these longer runs I’ve been wimping out and have been running next to a canal. My next mission is to find a completely downhill 5k course with a pie shop at the end of it.

E27M14Graduate in reply to K8nno

Let me know where it is and I’ll meet you there!

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