Can't run!

So she who must be obeyed stated she couldn't run (because of her knees) but wanted to do power walking and I was enlisted as pace maker.

So we've been doing this for some weeks now and it's been going well and tonight I asked her if she want's to do the virtual poppy run with me (already entered her lol) and she said but I can't run it and then wanted to know what I was laughing at.

I then explained that she was already pretty much a runner without knowing it as our last few outings have been 5k and at a pace of 9.15 per k and that our shuffling gate was really a run


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26 Replies

  • was nice knowing you old chap!

    Hopefully your imminent death by conned Missus will not be too painful LOL

    Seriously, I hope she is thrilled to discover she is a Runner and well done you also :)

  • Can't wait to present her medal after our run

  • Hopefully someone will take a photo :) I bet She will have a million dollar smile :)

  • oh I will certainly get a photo

  • This made me chuckle 🏃‍♀️🏃👍😂😂

  • Yep - she's definitely a runner!

  • I bet you are popular! Hope you both enjoy the poppy run though 👍

  • think she's secretly liking the idea

  • I'm sure you could sell snow to Eskimos. I totally believe you! 😂😂😂 That's a pretty decent'll walk it!! 😉

  • she's still in denial lol

  • In that case you're in trouble! Either that or you could show her the sentence where it says you can, ", jog or walk." I preferred your sales pitch if I'm honest though. 😀

  • Ah, good for her, but we'll done to you for encouragement Roly 😊

  • Superb... well done you.... You will have a great time... husband is walking our virtual Poppy Run next week and I shall run it...:) I booked him in and then told him :) After 44 years of marriage.. he wasn't too surprised :)

  • think secretly she's quite chuffed

  • I bet she is... lovely man :)

  • Im am so so impressed ! Power walking is hard work. It IS lower impact though so she who knows is right, power walking is a better option for her, probably. Mind you there are some very fast power walkers, would beat me when I run no problem! In fact at my local park run an older lady power walks every week, and is always well up the field at the end!

  • I keep old floss's mantra of feet kissing the ground implemented to help keep impact down

  • You are so sneaky👍 Have you signed any of us for anything that we ought to be training for? Just asking, as I was recently reading about the worldwide 7 marathons in 7 days... if my registration documents appear I know who to blame... but hoping you picked up the £30000 entrance fees💷💷💷💷

  • You never know what might drop through your door lol

  • C25K by stealth........... that's a new one, rolysmate

  • less of the mental anguish and worries about what the next run is lol

  • Am I correct in thinking that 'power walking' and gentle jogging go at about the same speed, roughly 12 or 13 minutes a kilometre!?

  • think it will vary quite a lot, we were power walking at aprox 9.15 per k and my running pace is about 7.15 per k

  • correction:- that should have been 8 or 9 per k, anyway, thanks for the reply Rolysmate, I was out a brisk walk just this morning and a man passed me running but not much faster than I was walking. I will need to get back to week 1 again as I have neglected running recently.

  • Good luck with the run. So nice your support for her. That is a good pace and good to know that there is something for everyone in 0-5k. My sister did power-walking regularly for a number of years. And she was able to run 10 miles in a charity race in her mid-fifties with little real preparation because she was already so fit. Definitely something to keep in mind for those of us with joint issues.

  • She's also my best pal

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