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This week thus far


I did a park run on Saturday. I went out on Monday, good run. Went out on Monday morning and again this morning. This morning my leg felt a bit odd, not painful, a bit weak/numb - weird and it was a bit chilly out at 6am. Anyway, I did my run! I started c25k January 2018. Graduated about March 2018 but then started to not enjoy it. Made excuses not to go out or to do shorter runs. I really wanted to get the bug but didn't. But I didn't want to give up with all that I had achieved on c25k. So about a month ago I started back on week 6 and I have one more run till I finish c25k again. I am feeling so much better this time. Not having to push myself so much, enjoying my runs. Really can't say what has changed, what has made the difference but I hope that it lasts. I have now bought myself some nice running clothes, some nice warm leggings, beanie with a light, flipbelt to carry my stuff in and really do feel like a runner especially after doing another park run - and I wasn't the last to finish! So chuffed with this new me!

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You’ve suddenly made me feel the need for a “beanie with a light” in my life 😁 - although I’m actually too chicken to go out running in the dark 😬. I’ve settled on a couple of bright orange tops!

FifitrixiebellGraduate in reply to Hidden

I do live on main roads where there are street lights, so I do feel safe. When the mornings are lighter I run areas where there aren't street lights. Always got o be safe.


There’s the victory right there... I’m sure you were great beforehand... but a new (improved) you, who wouldn’t love that?

As a goals focussed person I can and do see that we start C25K with that 5k goal that on advice here soon gets adjusted to 30 minutes, but that goal does put a little pressure on each and every run. Maybe running without that pressure is the difference? You know you can do it, there’s nothing to prove to yourself, or anyone, so you can relax and enjoy it.

I hope the new you continues to amaze yourself and has many happy parkruns over many happy, healthy, years. Happy running.


That’s great news!! A double grad celebration!! It’s fantastic that you’ve come back and enjoying it!! With all that new gear too...well it’s simply running heaven ahead now! Enjoy! 🤩🤩❤️

Really pleased for you Fifitrixiebell, looking like a runner and having fun running. 😊Keep going.... and keep posting on the forum, it really helps with motivation!

Go you!😊xx

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