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Week 6 Run 2


Once again, I can’t believe I can do this 😂

My partner has been running with me since the beginnings of week 4 but today we couldn’t manage to get a time together so my teenage daughter came with me instead. We set out a bit faster than I would have done on my own I think, but it was all going fine until the recovery walk in the middle. Suddenly I could barely walk at all. Both calf muscles felt so tight, and I had a pain up the side of my lower left leg. I managed to struggle through the walk and honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to run, but once Jo Wiley told us it was time I thought I had better give it a go. The calves quite quickly loosened up again but the pain down the outside of the leg was still there. But we battled on, and it did ease a bit. When we got home my daughter put on some stretching videos on YouTube and it really helped. Since then I have cooked dinner and been to Asda...... I don’t dare sit down for fear I may not be able to get up again!!!

Anyway, it may have been painful but that’s another run ticked off...... no more walking breaks for me, it’s all running from now onwards 😀

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How lovely that you have a supportive partner and daughter who will run with you! I hope the calf pain fades quickly - I grovel on the ground with a tennis ball/roller on sore bits, it really hits those tight spots. 😬

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