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Nervous newbie

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Hi everyone I’m a very unfit and over weight 49yr old. Im planning to start the the couch to 5k on Monday... no peter Kay jokes 🤣 been my birthday weekend. I’m planning on doing it on a treadmill as no confidence to go out. I’m starting extremely Nervous but determined hoping to succeed. iv never been able to stick to any kind of diet/exercise program before due to lack of motivation and no will power. I also struggle with sever depression. This time is different though because I’m becoming a nana for the first time in June and want to be a healthy nana. All tips, encouragement and kick up the bums will be greatly appreciated ...So here goes roll on Monday 😁

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Hi Debs, congratulation about becoming a nana soon and also for wanting to do something about your fitness. I have completed my first week. 🏃‍♀️Felt really good after. Just go slowly and you will get there. 😊

Hi, I’m 48 and just starting over so I know the feeling. Also been there with the depression hence a complete life overhaul and starting at University last year.

You can do it, hopefully it will lead to great things for you as a fit grandma!

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Welcome and you’ll find this forum extremely helpful and supportive. Everything that you are feelung, someone else has felt before you.

If you can go outside I would recommend as you get the fresh air and there’s more to look at but treadmill is absolutely fine, loads of people do that.

I’ve just finished the first week and I can already feel I’ve progressed.

Good luck and Happy birthday!!

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I completed W1R3 yesterday. I can’t say I feel great physically but I can say i’m Proud of myself. I am fit cardiovascularly, but an elliptical does not equate to being able to run for me. Good luck and take it one day at a time!

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Now Debs, speaking as a fellow 49er! I can say with some confidence that you can do this! We don’t do Peter Kay jokes on the forum because we’re all absolutely fabulous!! So no need to worry about that at all!

The greatest thing about this programme is that previous experience is not required. If that was the case, I couldn’t have started. 😂! Becoming a Nana must feel so special, congratulations to you. You have a great motivator to complete the programme and though it might seem a bit scary, (as it did for me), just take it one run at a time and whatever you do, do it slow! Let this be time just for you! No judgements, no pressure, just seeing how it goes on each run! Enjoy taking the time to do something great for you too! You get stronger after each run, so take it slow, that’s how you get stronger and enjoy it!! 😉🤩❤️

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Take it really slowly and don’t be afraid to repeat runs. It doesn’t matter how long the programme takes you, it’s all about gradually getting fitter! Good luck!

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If you survive day one (and I literally almost didn't :) and haven't been told not to by a Doc - you can go the whole way :)

Read the beginner posts of Graduates - darn few of us really believed we could ever run. But that is the point of this programme - it's for people like you and me, and IT DOES WORK! :)

Wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

Thankyou everyone for your wise encouraging words 😊

Hey Debs,

Hope your well.

I've just signed upto this site and wanted to reply to let you know I am also starting the couch to 5k on Monday. I'm really overweight, and need to loose 10stone. I'm so determined this time and the healthy eating has got off to a good start this week. I'd love to keep intouch and do this together with you if your up for that?! Bring on Monday! We've got this! X

I’d love to keep in touch and be there for each other ! We CAN SO THIS 🖐🏻

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Hi Debs. I'm in my forties and in the same boat in terms of fitness and weight. I did my first run since high school this morning. I was utterly self-conscious for the first few minutes and then all that seemed to blend into the background! I wish you all the very best with starting and with being a nana.

Well done you for taking that first step. I started my C25k just over 2 years ago & on my first day I never thought that I would be able to run 0.5km never mind 5k but the program is absolutely fabulous and before you know it, you will be running for 30 minutes & beyond.

I also have depression and anxiety and running helps me cope with it. It doesn’t matter whether you run on a treadmill or outside, we all have different preferences. The best advice I was given was not to worry about speed, slow it down & the slow it down some more. Speed will come later. Good luck & don’t forget to let us know how you are getting on. Xx

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I'm 53 and just graduated. Like you not good at sticking to exercise plans - but this gelled with me, I hope it does for you too. I struggled with the first run, and was bright pink at the end - but I did it, and went out again. If you don't like the gym - do think of the park. I was self conscious at first but no one watches you, or really cares, they're doing their own thing. In my local park there are quite a few of us older ones running. We blow each other kisses - we're too busy running (very very slowly!) to stop and talk - but no one is judgmental. The faster, younger sportier runners will often give a thumbs up too!

You will be amazed at your progress - absolutely staggered. The benefits to your health will be stunning. And I've read many people saying they run to alleviate their depression - it's not a magic bullet, but the program works really well. Just follow it and it will work. And if you want to, repeat a week and take it more slowly.

Good luck, and many congratulations on becoming a nana!

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Welcome. You can do this.

Schedule your runs around your life and get out of the house every time you have a run due... it will soon become a habit and a normal part of your day. Running is also known to help with depression, so the improvement there may well have you craving the next run soon. You just need to get through a few weeks of this to get yourself hooked! Run nice and slowly and think about that health nana... runners average 3 years longer lives than non runners... so you’d be around for that grandchild longer, see them smile more, watch them achieve more, and give them many more happy memories.

Enjoy your journey, happy birthday, and by the next one you can be Super Nana!

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Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.

Hi Debs4k,

you are incredibly brave to post your nervousness on the forum. Well done. There are literally thousands of people here who are cheering you on with your journey. I graduated today - nine weeks seems like yesterday. Please tell your friends and family that you are doing this. Sometimes, you will need their help to keep you motivated. Ask for it and don't be embarrassed. They may not get it but tell them it is very important to you that you succeed. Best of luck with it and I look forward to reading about your journey.

Slow and steady and your be fine. And for the depression the best medication for that is exercise trust me it worked wonders for me. I’ve cut my antidepressant from 6 a night to 1 at night and 1 in the morning and hopefully will cut them out all together in the near future

Well first run done 😁 I’m not going to lie it was bloody hard but I feel so chuffed 😊. I did have to drop 2 of the runs but I still feel I’ve achieved! Thankyou once again for all your engorging words. Roll on run 2. My aim is to pick up a run ☺️

Hi Debs4k well done for taking that first step. Believe me when I say you are not alone. I can relate to your comments. I know about depression but I must admit, I find going to the local park beneficial. My first week I was so embarrased when I started but, now, in week 5 (and still struggling) I don't care about other people because no-one even sees me. Keep going

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debs4k in reply to Wannadoit

Thankyou I got to admit I needed to hold on to the hand rails for the first 5 runs but managed to pump my arms for the last one. That’s why I used the treadmill 😳. But I am looking forward to getting out when I feel as though I won’t collapse 🤣

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