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Short break then back on it!


Last ran on New Years Day and was going to head out last night but hubby got a phone call offering him a job after not working since last April. So spent the last couple of nights celebrating with a shloer or two for me (booze for him) and a takeaway.

Back on it tomorrow with the promise of shiny new running shoes for my birthday in a couple of months.

To keep me going too I have signed up for a 7.5km night run, in August running the Blackpool illuminations.

Happy running guys x

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That’s great news... well done hubby! And yeah, take some time and celebrate that job... the runs are patently waiting for you to kick their butts... enjoy that run tomorrow, plenty of time to be ready for that Blackpool run.


Hooray for Husband and You!!! Well done.. what a great start to your New Year!!!

Slow and steady and enjoy!!!


Congratulations that's wonderful news about your hubby - what a way to start 2019! :) The Blackpool night run sounds brilliant. I'm comfortable running 5K now but not ready for 10K. However a cheeky 7.5K sounds much more achievable...


Sadly too much celebrating even though I don’t drink has lead to a migraine. Hiding in a dark room away from screaming toddler. Hoping painkillers will work 😔

Good luck with the Blackpool run! Do you wear fairy lights? - what a wonderful sight it would be if everyone did!

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