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Running style changes

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I am about to start week 6 of the program, & have really come on leaps and bounds in my endurance, & am enjoying it immensely, the only issue i am still having is i bounce when i run

I do tend to come down on my heels when i run, & I know that this isn’t really correct & may be causing the bouncing issue, but i don’t know how to go about changing my style to something more efficient

I try to alter my style but it feels unnatural, so any advoon this would be great


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I naturally land on my toes as it’s how I used to run, and I have spent some time moving to flat footed, and it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of concentration and felt strange for a while. If you concentrate on landing your foot under your body, you should come out of heel first naturally. Not sure if it’s the cause of the bounce, I’d have thought that would have more to do with the push from the ground.

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It can be very tricky altering your style of can end up injuring yourself...Maybe just slow down a tad and try to land lightly I call it kissing the ground with your feet... it might help to reduce bouncing :) But, if the bounce isn't impacting your running enjoyment... then carry on?

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Keep footfall under your body, so no overstriding.

The majority of recreational runners land on their heels, which while not ideal, is not a problem if it is not a problem, ie. not causing impact stresses and pain.

Look at your general posture

Make any changes to natural form in small steps, preferably with the advice and supervision of an experienced coach.

Thanks to all for the advice 😊👍

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