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In one week I have turned into an absolute running nut. I have just come back from W2R1 and I’m buzzing! I have been reading loads on this forum, watching YouTube videos on running technique (barefoot or minimalist, the pose method etc.). Previously I could manage an awkward shuffle if I really had to. I’m not unfit but I had no idea how to run. I must have forgotten somewhere in the last 30 years! I am really glad I didn’t rush out and buy a pair of running trainers with thick cushioned soles. I may only be doing 90 seconds a go but I am trying to adopt a style I could keep up all day. I know I’m slow but that’s not the point at this stage, is it?


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  • Slow is good! Slow is the new fast! Keep slow and you will finish the programme injury free. Don't be tempted to go mad! It's early days so curb your enthusiasm

  • Thanks misswobble. I am tempted to skip the rest days but on the good advice from this forum I will be following Laura’s instructions. I have downloaded her first Strength and Flexibility podcast so I think I’ll have a go at that.

  • Definitely slow and steady is the way to go. Don't be tempted to skip those rest days, your body needs that time to recover: if you read all the literature, it advises you to respect those rest days....especially in the early really don't want to unnecessarily push your body too much and then end up on the injury couch.

    After having said that, welcome to the forum, it's a great resource for information, support and understanding.

  • Thanks Amber. I think this forum is great – everyone is so encouraging. It’s great that you and all the other C25K graduates are still here cheering us newbies on!

  • ^^^ What they said... :)

    Slow and steady - take the rest days (take two sometimes)... enjoy it - it's not a race against anyone except yourself... :)

    Good luck - and keep posting here... you have a cheer squad on HU!

  • Thanks Aussie, the encouragement from all of you on the forum is wonderful.

  • I was the same after a week and now I am on week 5 and voluntarily running in a thunderstorm! Good luck with it and have fun :)

  • You know if someone told me last Friday morning that I would be going running and enjoying it I would have given them a strange look and gone pffft, I don’t think so. I hope I can hold on to this enthusiasm for when it gets harder!

  • When it gets harder, you'll be STRONGER... :)

    Like you - if someone told me 6 months ago I'd be running 3 times a week I would have told them to "stop talking and get me a pint"... :)

  • Now there’s an idea… :)

  • It's Friday and you ran - it is permissible...

    OOO.. it's Friday and I also ran... excellent... :)

  • Cheers Aussie! :)

  • I was known amongst all my friends and family as being a total anti-runner!!! However two weeks in I was hooked and doing my first park run tomorrow - well done.

  • I know when I’ve spoken to runners before I started C25K I thought they were on something. Now I understand! Good luck for your first park run tomorrow. Let us know how you get on.

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