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Good running technique video This is a very good video ( and entire website) - as it shows the running style of an "elite" runner when running at "only" an easy training pace. I can see that my running style is nothing like hers :) However, it seems to me that although this run was supposedly at easy pace, it was 5mins per K - which is NOT an easy pace for me!! So I am wondering just how much of this style can be done at a MUCH slower pace??

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Hmm, I was thinking recently after a bike 5K, my Garmin told me 18 minutes and a lot had been downhill and I felt like I had been going pretty fast. Then it occurred to me that the fastest runners at my Parkrun would have beaten me in that time!! Astonishing isn't it?

Thanks for the link :-)


I am no expert Bazza but I think most of the things he is talking about would help whatever speed we are running at. Watching the video just made me aware of how little of what he was describing I could actually see. For instance, when he talks about pushing off and engaging the glutes I find it hard to see and imagine what he is actually meaning...and I used to be a nurse! Just pondering on how little I actually know about the human body. I do know my glutes are not strong though and always mean to do do something about that but am never consistent so I think I know my goal for the next few months. Thanks very much for sharing that, it's given me quite a bit of food for though.

I also thought how nice it looked running totally barefoot but not sure I would try it in any of the parks around me!


Thanks for the video Bazza, I think it would help at any speed. Love the concept of a "recovery" run but mine are more active than that at the moment. Also struck by how long her stride is in slowmo. Looks to be over a metre or more which I think is achieved by the pushing off. Looks great though - effortless really (a lot different from my own style)


If you like studying videos showing good running form you may like this.

I've been following running coach, James Dunne's website for a while and following his running drills and I like this video in which he show good and less good form in two runners.

I read recently that it is more difficult for many runners to maintain good form when running slowly.


I generally "run slowly" - probably my style could be called a "shuffle". However I have noticed that I mostly finish my Parkruns strongly and faster than the first 4.5ks . During my "finish" I think that I then do have better running form -- but I am not sure that I could do it for the complete 5ks. Normally my stride is very short -- but is longer during my finishing run.


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