Jelly babies and erratic running

One run a week is an hour long. I do it as soon as I get up because of the impossibly hot temperatures. It should be a 10k run but I only manage around 7.5 . Not great I know, but I am of a certain age and boy, it ain't half hot here even at the crack of dawn. Anyway, what I don't get it how my first 30 minutes is at a good tempo -- ok, not a full 5k but almost. Then I seem to slow down for about 15 minutes followed by Usain Bolt style energy at the end. Now, is it my old battered body or my head? Am I naturally inconsistent or am I really tired? I did try jelly babies -- orange and purple if you must know -- nice and dentist will kill me, but whether they actually energized me I'm not too sure.

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  • I can see the headlines now Delia "Jelly baby runner sweeps aside Usain Bolt and offers him her last jelly baby" ;)

    I think our body needs to draw back at some point to gather that last bit of energy. That time for me is a dangerous time, if I push too hard that's when I get an injury probably because I'm not running in a relaxed way. That's my theory but no doubt others will have a better and truer reason for it. I'm off now to buy some jelly babies, which I love by the way. :)

  • Nice one Oldgirl! JBs are delicious I must say!

  • Oh, come on now - "It should be a 10k run but I only manage around 7.5 . Not great I know" Oh yes it is great!

    Mentioning running in heat - I've just watched a programme online about the Marathon des Sables (link on this blog - I kept finding I was holding my breath, it was so extreme. Well worth a watch, but I doubt it will inspire any of us to try it just yet! (Or ever.)

  • Have bookmarked that to watch later. It is fascinating but I do think you have to be a bit mad - or does the fact I went out this morning hoping to run an hour but stopped twice mean I have no staying power. Linda

  • I've just watched it, amazing, brilliant, brave, beyond belief. I take my hat off to them all.

  • Golly, what an athlete. Totally off his rocket!

  • I read a bit more about him after that - I hadn't realised that he'd had a serious accident on a subsequent challenge, crossing the US. His wife is perhaps even more amazing than him.

  • Running in Spain-I am struggling with heat. So full respect for those who do it all the time. So my friend-hats off to you:-)

  • Off to the mountains Saturday to cool down!

  • Colleague at work said someone advised her to try jelly babies when she did the London Marathon and they were great but had all squashed together in her pocket and she had to bite big chunks out of them The answer must be to eat them straight away - bit like eating your sandwiches on a long journey before you've left the station. Linda

  • Yes, they were a bit squidgy this morning, but yummy all the same :-)

  • I LOVE jb's and now I find out they are a training aid. Heaven!

  • I know, delicious especially the red and blue ones :-)

  • Jelly babies/jelly beans/Lidl choc covered coffee beans - they all work for me!! Though saying that, the latter did cause me to lose half a filling but we have to make sacrifices for running right?! ;)


  • as I said, my dentist is gonna kill me!

  • Sorry about that Sue! .... the coffee beans are still very much my breakfast fuel (and half a banana maybe they soften up the beans?)

  • Haha! I will have to try that Rob!

  • Delia I'm in awe - running for that time and distance is very impressive in this heat, jelly babies or not. AND a sprint at the end!!

  • I'm sitting at my desk gobbling down Jelly Babies. Hadn't had one since I was about 12. Yummy! Becky bought them back from the Uk last week. Two more 190gr packets to go...

  • You'll be out running at midnight with all those jelly babies inside you!!! Have a lovely weekend in the cool fresh mountain air. :)

  • I will, I will -- I really need this break. Can't wait -- off on Saturday!

  • I'm as bad. I'm sitting at my desk gobbling Haribo sugar-coated jelly sweeties that came free in my last order from Wiggle. (They always send a wee packet of Haribo sweets with each order)

  • What's Wiggle?

  • One of the large online running/cycling/triathlon shops. I've bought lots of bike stuff from there over the years and more lately, some running gear. It may just be a UK based shop since if is a URL.

  • Ta Sheila, will check that out asap.

  • Jelly babies might just be the thing to get me remotivated. Certainly need something.

    Enjoy the cool mountain air and what I imagine will be gorgeous scenery to run through.

    Viki :-)

  • I will indeed viki! And I want a massage!

  • Must try jelly babaies. Current favourite with me is wine gums.

  • Mmmmmm, wine gums... more orthodontic problems but so what!

  • Hey you did 7.5k in hot weather. Today I only managed 6k in really cool Scottish weather.

    Can't be spurred on by the JB's though............on a diet!

    Still a glass of wine in the evening now that will long as its a small one.

  • Now wine is good for you. Especially red. My 86 year old mum-in-law who lives with me, downs it like there's no tomorrow. And believe me, she is fighting fit and non in the slightest way boozy -- she drinks Sardinia Cannonau with meals. Now, Sardinians live into their early hundreds and swear by the stuff.

    I rarely drink wine at lunch time or I wouldn't be able to work, but today is a public holiday in Roman Catholic Europe so.... cin cin :-)

  • Love Jelly Babies, I particularly enjoyed a special edition a few years ago called Jellyatrics (i think) that celebrated 75 years, I think, they had zimmer frames and everything.

  • That sounds hilarious! I shall Google that at once!

  • I did a long, slow run today and nibbled on dried fruit to give me a wee energy boost. DH had bought a packet of mixed dried tropical fruit earlier this week and this was good for running. This was wee cubes of mango, pineapple, banana slices and slivers of coconut.

  • Sounds delicious :-)

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