Parkrun - doggymum style!!

Ha, today I attempted my first ever Parkrun. This is how not to do it!!

1) Get there ridicuously early - as in 40 minutes early! Oh yeah, I was there on my own too, no support from OH, the bed was too inviting for him...

2) Choose the warmest morning in weeks to do your 1st ever run outside and leave your drink in the car as you don't want to run with it.....

3) Get a sudden urge for the loo... and at the same time find that putting your ginormous car key fob in the pocket at the back of your running capri's is actually gonna start to pull them down as you run, very offputting to say the least.... and the loo's are back where the car is parked :-/

4) Get surrounded by 'serious' & 'proper' runners, even though you are trying to stay at the back of the pack.....

5) Start off too fast because you don't want to get trampled on in the rush (and it was only a small incline but could've been Everest as far as I was concerned)

6) Manage about 12 minutes before you have to take a walking break. I was very disappointed at this as I have just finished week 7, but at the same time happy as running outside is a whole new ball game!

7) Still need the loo, the urge is getting strong enough to put me off my stride now.

8) Start considering just doing one lap...

9) Find it's actually easier to walk than run because you need the loo...

10) Run past a corner that looks familiar - bugger, that means I'm on lap 2, I'm gonna have to see this through now...

11) Take off headphones to find your breathing like Darth Vader

12) Still need the loo!!!

13) See a marshall, he tells me its just 2 or 3 more minutes YAY

14) Marshall neglected to mention those 2 or 3 minutes are uphill (slight incline really) and everyone is waiting at the finish line watching you

15) Dig deep - run uphill in full view of everyone with somebody trying to take your photo (OMG, I'm gonna look half dead!)

16) FINISH - sudden urge for loo disappears, what's that all about!!!

So, I got round... JUST!! I was very sweaty yet the woman in front of me had not a single bead of sweat to show for the effort...

Just looked at the results, I came 139/144 with a time of 37.28 - I'm really pleased with that, especially as more of it was walking than running because of the loo issue! AND it was my 1st run in the great outdoors :)

Biggest shock was when the woman in front of me asked if I would like to join their running group. I had met her a couple of years ago in a professional capacity but she recognised me and came to say 'hi' and invited me to join them on Wednesdays. Errrr....

It'll be some time before I get to go again (I do 3 classes on a Sat morning but the instructor is away this week) but I'd definately recommend it :)

For anybody thinking about waiting until they have finished C25K - Just do it, don't wait, get out there and have some fun!

For the rest of today I shall be cleching my aching buttocks as the mood takes me!!! Tomorrow... well, I have a feeling the 'John Wayne Strut' could be in force LOL :D


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40 Replies

  • Fantastic blog, well done!

  • Thank you :)

  • Great blog! Great time! You must be really chuffed.

  • Thank you - I am chuffed with myself but my legs are starting to ache now!

  • LOL...well done, doggymum! Wasn't that FUUUNNNN?!?!

  • Thanks Grammadog! Errr, not sure 'fun' would've fitted the bill while I was trying to shuffle round but looking back.... YEAH it was! :)

  • Well done ! And you've learnt lots for next time too ! ;-)

  • Thank you, and yes, next time I'll be right at the back before we start so I can go at my own pace, not the pace of those around me!

  • And next time you will find your time has improved because of all the running you've put in, in between times. I tend to do a Parkrun about once a month and this way I've seen my times improve from the previous run. Well done on getting round.

  • Thank you :)

  • Well done :) Fab blog :) :)

  • Thank you - am glad I went, your comments the other day made me think I should give it a whirl :) My legs hurt now though and I'm worried about starting week 8 on Monday/Tuesday :-/ Oh well, we'll see how it goes, onwards and upwards as they say :D

  • Maybe try some ice on them for ten minutes. You certainly might need an extra rest day!

  • an extra rest day may do the trick...

  • It will have to be an extra rest day - I can hardly walk this morning!! lol

  • Well done breaking your Parkrun "duck" . Wish I was as fast as you (45:04 today). If you can go for a long SLOW walk tomorrow it should help relieve any stiffness.

  • Thank you. I ache a lot, so will have to get out for a walk today even if's its just round the block. Well done on your time too, I am just pleased I managed to get round!

  • Well done Doggymum, you did well. I did my first Parkrun after my Graduation I was like you desperate for the loo all the way through the run, then finished run and no longer needed! ;) Crazy bladders we women have! Good luck for the next one, it will be better cos you'll know what to expect. Try a gentle walk tomorrow it may help relax your tight muscles. Super result when you are still working through the programme, congratulations.

  • Thank you Oldgirl :) A walk is definately in order today!

  • Well done doggymum, loved the blog. I've looked at the Park run website, for future reference..I'm only on week 3 at the moment.Seeing as you've cracked it at week 7, maybe I don't have too longer to make excuses for....

  • Thank you. If your Parkrun is fairly close by you could always go and suss the course out, or walk round to get a feel for it. You could always just do 1 lap if it is a dual lap course to see how you get on. There were people of all ages and abilities at the one I was at today. I would say go and have a bash :)

  • Well done. Parkrun is excellent for all abilities so I agree get out there and do it :)

  • Thank you :)

  • Well done you! - I missed my first park run today because I was too disorganised getting ready and got the start time wrong - luckily realised before I left the house :-)

  • Thank you. What a nightmare for you, but at least you realised. I was worried about that so left in plenty of time as you can see!! I didn't realise its only a 15 minute drive :D lol

  • Well done! I've done a few 5k runs but not a park run or in a big group, reeeeally want to now I read this! :D

  • Thank you - you should give it a whirl, it's a great atmosphere :)

  • Ok I've registered and I have my barcode ready! Wooooo! :D

  • YEAH!! Go for it :D

  • Thank you for inspiring me! I registered for my local one in St Albans but have not had the courage to go. I made the mistake of looking at their results page and everyone (almost!) seemed to run well under 40 mins.The bulk under 30 mins! Yikes! I have managed to get down to 38 mins running all the way and some I felt was quite fast! (how did you manage 37mins with walking a big chunk??)

    I basically got intimidated especially when I saw photos of lots of wirey skinny individuals! I am photo phobic especially when in tight running gear, bright red, dripping in sweat and gasping! I spent a lot of time wondering how I could avois a photo ( bring a jacket to put over my head when I cross the finish?)

  • You should go and give it a whirl - in my opinion, most of the people on this one yesterday were really fast, but I just thought 'I'm doing this for me, I don't have to prove anything to anybody' and to be honest all of those faster runners have been where we are at some point :)

    I also usually avoid photo's at all costs, I'm not exactly a lycra model at 200lbs!!! And I am ridiculously shy, especially in new situations. But I just went with the flow and the pictures haven't appeared on the website yet so I'm hoping the camera was broken :D

    Seriously though, give it a try, you haven't got anything to lose - best of luck :)

  • Well done you; you're fitter and faster than everyone on the couch!!

  • I think I want that on a t-shirt!

  • Thank you :)

  • brill blog, just catching up (long story) and just had to find out how you did - well done you :)

  • Thank you :)

  • well done great blog too.

  • Thanks Glenda - hope your ankle isn't too sore & you are resting it well.

  • Well done, I think you enjoyed that more than you let on. I admire your confidence to just go for it. Might just check it out myself.

  • Thank you - I did enjoy it and I would tell everyone to try it at least once :)

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