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"Chi" & "Pose" Running Styles

Browsing tinternet yesterday and was reading some stuff about running styles and 2 of the popular ones "Chi" and "Pose" seem to get a lot written about them.

Apparently these styles can reduce injury and make you run more efficiently / faster just by changing your style of running. I must admit that my running style looks like the "before" videos and not the "after" :-)

Probably not connected, but when I occasionally run on a treadmill I am far better than I am outside... I know its different running on a treadmill but I wondered if my running style is changed due to the hamster wheel action.

Anyway, interested to hear if anyone has tried these and whether its worth looking into further.

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I've heard a little about chi running, but not enough to help you really. I'm interested to see what replies you get. x


I have Danny Dryer's book, Chi Running and I try to follow the principles of chi running. About every km or so (if/when I hear my GPS watch beep ) I run through the list of points that you're supposed to be aware of. However, whenever I see photos and videos of me running I tend to look like the before images. :-(

I've only run on a treadmill when getting gait analysis in the running shop and I know I run with better form then. I take shorter faster strides and land on my forefoot more. The first time when I went for gait analysis I didn't have running shoes and ran barefoot on the treadmill and tended to land on my toes! I know chi running is more than just mid-foot vs heel striking, but that is an important point.

If you are interested in reading more about running form from a 'neutral' coach, ie one not advocating chi running or pose, I recommend James Dunn at Kinetic Revolution:

He has drills to help with good form and videos explaining when to be aiming for when running.


Thanks for your reply, I'll take a look the link you supplied. I think it's worth looking at running style and if it reduces the chance of injury then that's a bonus and if you get better speed/pace even better!! :-) I have a feeling that I currently plod my way through each run...


I too got really interested in chi running a while back, mainly because of its claims of reduced injuries. However, 'Ive found it almost impossible to maintain chi running form when I'm actually running (just not that coordinated I guess) There are chi running courses and chi running days you can go on, but suspect I'm a hopeless cause. Interesting stuff though :)


When I started I was interested in 'barefoot'/minimalistic running. I tried it for a couple of runs, but it hurt. I don't think my muscles/ligaments are up to it yet, so I reverted to what for me is a more natural style.

I#d love to know more about these other styles.


Small update... did some more googling this afternoon and discovered a chi running seminar local to me Sunday week, so I signed up..gulp!..treating myself. I have always run on my own, so if nothing else it will be useful for someone to point me in the right direction. I'll do another post after the seminar. I've got a good set of post graduation 5k times to compare the before and after :-)

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I'll look forward to hearing how you get on. I'd like to do a training day, but as well as the cost of the coaching, I'd have 6 hours travel to consider too.


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