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Happy New Year!

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Hello all, happy new year to you!

Did my first run of 2019 this morning and used one of the c25k+ podcasts having only used the app before. Missed my own tunes, and found the initial cadence a bit uncomfortable so ended up running slightly quicker step wise in the first track. Settled into the next bit though, and managed the faster last bit by taking tiny steps! Having not run since Christmas Eve (sick kids, sick self, and lazyitis) I found it tough, most likely not helped by the extra few pounds I had to drag around with me!

Hope everyone is enjoying 2019 so far ๐Ÿ˜Š

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The + podcasts are tricky, this is why we advise a few weeks of consolidation runs first... short, long, and different routes etc.

Many folk are caught out by them... the podcasts are designed for the discipline in our running and starting them too soon can be off putting. Well done you for trying them..you are not the first person to have found it odd.

Maybe try a few more consolidation runs and then have another go. I disliked Stepping Stones, because I found I did a sort of weird soft shoe shuffle to it.. but Speed and Stamina are great..many of us use these still on their own or in other runs.

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Amazing mental image! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I found the latter pace more suited to my normal one. Might go back to Sarah Millican and my own tunes for a bit!


Happy new year!

What Oldfloss said.

Until graduation we just run, we have a happy pace, and we may or may not increase pace at the end... thatโ€™s what we know. So starting to play with speed and cadence is going to feel strange at first, and like the C25K programme itself, it will get easier to do these things with experience. Consolidation on what you have done makes the regular run easier so can only help.

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Thanks! I will persevere!


Well done you for getting back out there. Now youโ€™ve done it once youโ€™ll soon be back into your normal routine and your svelte silhouette will re-emerge ๐Ÿ˜€

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