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Roses,cherries and lemons???Happy New Year !

Hi everyone :)

Well yesterday was 1 year since graduation for me...where did that year go ??

I wanted to mark the occasion for myself with a run and decided it needed to be a 10K again...something I haven't managed since the end of May.

Running-wise I've been in a bit of a slump since the end of June,throughout July and a good chunk of August after a combination of aches and pains ,then a virus which laid me low for nearly a fortnight,saw my runs and my running mojo seriously diminish.

So these past few weeks after giving myself a pep talk and a good kick up the bum...and spurred on by the determination to stick to the current Quest ( thanks are a star for organising these ) and by all the good stuff I read on here, I started to tentatively increase my runs again so I could go for my "10" .

So this weekend I went out nice and early....over the bridge as the last of the mist was rolling across the river,up my usual rough track ....where I did almost all my 9 weeks of C25K, off out into the lanes past the fields of fading sunflowers,past the maize...taller than me...and quickening my pace at that point just in case the maize monsters came out after me.

Reaching the midway point of 5K I was feeling really good...enjoying myself even ( that doesn't always happen !) so I carried on a bit.

I ate some jelly babies at 6K "reward" then a little bit further on decided I should be sensible and turn back as I didn't want to be having to walk the last few kms .

In all I ran furthest yet (13.4 counting the warmup walk and the short walk home from the bridge ).

I felt so good all achey legs or anything :)

This year since graduating I feel fitter,more toned,happier in my head.I can slip into size 10 skinny jeans....first time since my 20's. On run days I've got more energy and usually feel good in my own skin...." bien dans sa peau " as the French's a great feeling.

I'm still surprised by the changes in this past year.....I have running books by the bed and on my Kindle,running magazines around the house ( recently I was lucky to be given 3-years worth of back issues of RW mag ). I follow as many running blogs as I do craft-based ones.

I get as much of a buzz from buying running gear as I do from normal clothes ( I actually have bought way more run stuff than normal clothes come to think of it :) )and I've spent the most amount of dosh on run shoes than on any others ever...well, apart from a pair of boots a few winters ago,but sshhh...that's a secret .

I count myself really lucky I've never yet got an injury from running...the hip and knee problems I've had have been caused by being pulled over by a dog ( twisted knee) and colliding with a garden sunlounger in the dark whilst mildly inebriated .

I really feel for those of you stuck on the injury couch or just off it and battling to get back to fitness.

I always run solo,have never run with anyone else.Not by choice,it's just that very few people run round here except sometimes in the summer when there are a few holiday visitors around. There are no FunRuns,charity runs, 10Ks or HMs to train Parkruns, so if I'm in competition it's just with myself.

When I was working my way through the 9 weeks of C25K I always knew that once I'd started it I would complete the programme.....I wrote in one of my posts at the time that for me and C25K ,failure just wasn't an option.I am so glad I did it and even more glad this forum exists with all it's lovely inspiring and motivational people and that I found it.

I'm well aware I'm very fortunate I can run at anytime to suit myself...unlike many on here,I don't need to fit it around work and /or family commitments.Also I'm really in awe of those who have embarked on this when they have ongoing health issues, difficult medical conditions to deal with etc. Hats off to you fact ,you serve to spur the rest of us on ...especially on those days when we just don't feel like it .

You're all inspiring one way or another,here on this forum...with your advice on everything from clothing and gadgets to CRM recipes. I can't imagine my life without running now ....a crazy statement for a sport-hating,craft-loving ,onetime couch potato,but there we go.

One whole's had its ups and downs ,of course and there's many a time I've laced up my shoes,forced myself out and not enjoyed the run - but almost always have felt better afterwards for the going.

Life isn't always that bed of roses or bowl of cherries...when it gives you lemons you know what you have to do if you go running :) year down and I'm glad I do....Happy New Year, Happy Running all xxxxxxx

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Ah wow, that is the most wonderful post :) I have been struggling for a couple of weeks with my running 'mojo' and you have helped so much. Everything we get out of running has come flooding back, thank you.

I had to smile at the part about running clothes, I never really look online at 'real' clothes any more, just running gear :)


Thankyou :) It's a worry when the ' mojo' starts to go.....I was seriously out of love with the whole idea of running for a little while,though I think part of that was down to trying to pick myself up after the virus ,but when I started to feel really grouchy,lethargic and a bit flabby I gave myself a good talking to and then made it " public" on Rfc's latest quest !

I'm sure things will pick up for you and you'll be running and smiling again soon !


Well that is a lovely inspirational post! Thank you! I also am determined to graduate - I'm very stubborn and not a quitter. It's nice to hear good post grad stories which don't involve masochistic pain rituals but happy 'ordinary' solo runs :-)


Thankyou...I'll be watching out for your graduation post :)


What a lovely, inspiring post! Your description of a 'sport-hating,craft-loving ,onetime couch potato' fits me perfectly! I'm mid-way through week 8 of C25K, being slowed down a bit by being on vacation in hot, sticky Tennessee, but I know I'll make it to graduation as soon as I'm back to chilly Scotland!

The big change I've noticed this vacation is that I've searched out stores with running gear (that I would have avoided at all costs before!), I'm reading the C25K blogs as I'm lying in the sun (albeit with a glass of wine to hand), and I set my alarm for 6.45am this morning (unheard of before!) to try to manage at least a short run before it got too hot. My body still wobbles, but I'm inspired by reading posts like yours to know that I will eventually convert my wobbles to muscle if I keep going. I hope that in a year from now I'll have achieved what you have. So well done, thank you for your inspiration, and happy graduation anniversary!!


Hi CKC1 and thanks for your lovely comment.

You are so nearly there ! I don't blame you for waiting to return home to complete the programme and in any case,nicer to achieve it on home turf.

It's weird how it gets to you this whole running thing...when I was working my way through the 9 weeks I used to be so excited when I was due to run the following day and never failed to set my alarm for an early start( don't like running in the heat!).

I'd feel quite bereft on the rest days !

Enjoy the rest of your time in Tennessee...look forward to reading your :)


Great post Carole. It's amazing the difference a year can make. From couch to 12.6k-fantastic! :)


Cheers for that AncientMum.You are so right....a year ago I never thought I'd be able to run 10K or more.

I know there are loads of others who have done totally amazing things since graduating, great times and distances, HM's and the like.....I can't put myself in their league by any means.....but I'm happy where I am for now....after all ,I was 57 this summer,so I'm never gonna be Speedy Gonzales now ,just happy to be healthy and feel strong and fit :)


Happy anniversary! You have clearly done great, and even with a mojo-downturn (don't we all get them at some point? I think we do), you've just been out celebrating by running further than ever before.

As a celebration, rather than as a "forcing myself to do it". Wow! Good for you!!


Thankyou Tomas.Yes, I was quite determined that I would have a good run to celebrate this weekend.....guess it shows some of the power of mind over matter ;)


Beautiful post Carole What a fantastic year you have had. 3yrs of running mags sounds like my idea of heaven . know exactly what you mean by ' happier in my head' It's always amazes me how a simple , free ( apart from clothes, shoes, mags, more clothes....) thing like running can totally change your life in so many ways. Here's to many more years of running


Thankyou Fitfor60 :)

Yes, I was really lucky to get the magazines.There's an online network for this region where people advertise stuff wanted,for sale etc and these were put up for free to the first taker....turned out I was second,but a week later the person contacted me to say that nobody had turned up for them and they thought a week was long enough,so did I want them .The chap even met us in our village square to hand them over as he was on his way to a cricket match...I was so chuffed I gave him 10 euros for a drink or to donate to a fave charity or whatever ...small price to pay for such generosity !


Funnily on gumtree this week - similar site carol- someone was also giving away 3 yrs running mags but they were gone just before I phoned for them .


Happy Anniversary Carole! Great post!!!! You sound full of the joys of er autumn!

Like you I marvel that I can slip into size 10 skinny jeans. Even they're getting baggy on me now. Oooooooh crikey!

Keep on running Carole and hopefully in a year's time we'll still all be here egging each other on!


Ah thanks for that misswobble.Well,it's been pretty much a pants summer here this year and lately has been feeling decidedly autumnal,though from a running aspect the slightly cooler mornings have been much nicer for running......but,these past few days summer has returned, hurrah for that and just in the nick of time...I'm off to the coast for a few days on Thursday and I.Just.Can't.Wait !!!

You're going great guns lately...what with your fab time for your recent 5K..well done ....and yes, here's to a year from now :)


So jealous miss wobble and carol - size 10 jeans I can but dream .I still have bit weight to go but guess that'll take me to size 12


Just keep going and getting will slip into them soon.

One thing this running business has taught me...I don't need to be a slave to the bathroom scales any more...though I do still hop on ,just not as really is more about how you look and how your clothes feel.

Just wish I'd discovered all this years ago..hey ho.


Great post and great comeback run! Thank you, very inspiring.


Thankyou Slookie...but never mind me...what about you then ?........huge congratulations on your graduation.Wishing you lots of happy running :)


Bravo (from a fellow France dwelling person)

What a positive report.

I'm always amazed at how running has totally taken off in the UK! But not here?! Pour quoi?



Bonsoir Rupe ! ... and thanks.

Yeah, it's weird rare to see anyone jogging round these parts....still, at least it means I don't have to get in a scrum when I want to nab the running gear at Lidl ;)


Must depend on location. I'm in Grenoble and there are tons of joggers around here. (But no parkrun.)


Hey...maybe you could start one !!


Hi Carole - your post is so good, this running lark was all for just doing a bit of running and then so many of us get competitive - with ourselves- that we constantly want to beat any new time we get. I am now being reminded by friends that I said I never wanted to do 10K, and yesterday completed my 3rd one in 3 months and have lowered my time. Yes I am slow but having felt demotivated about the quality of my running over the summer it has shown me that I must still be doing things better.

Just keep on running along your lanes. Happy running


Hey c4ts....thankyou so much :)

Well done on your third "10"... fantastic !

I'm pretty slow...that's where I'm certain I could improve if I could do something like Parkrun every week....but then again,would I join in I wonder ? I'd probably be ok if I could go along with someone I knew...just not sure whether I'd bottle out of it if I was going by myself...oh lord what a big baby ! ( I very nearly didn't write this post ....started getting all worried that it was all a bit " me, me" ).

It's just nice to get lovely feedback and great to hear that it's been helpful...even inspiring for some ...that's just fab :) Happy running to you too x


Oh Carole, what an absolutely fantastic, inspiring post, its flippin' awesome !

Many Congratulations to you on your Anniversary, and your comeback run, fab stuff !

I could re-read this post a hundred times over , and I probably will, an excellent piece of writing . xxx


Oh thankyou and bless you for that ,poppypug...I really don't know what to say...I'm quite overwhelmed by all the lovely replies to my ramble ...and yours quite warms my cockles :)

Though I will say this...when I saw you'd switched your profile pic to Madge I nearly wet myself laughing...though I must admit I find it a bit disconcerting at the same time ;)

Cheers,m'dear xxxx


Hi Carolecal, that post is not "me me" it is "us, us", meaning all of us who have been lucky enough to have discovered running and this forum. Just to have that ability to go out and run 10k, because you feel like it, is such a pleasure that I can wholly identify with. You outline all the benefits of running so well. Congratulations and Bon anniversaire!!


Thankyou Tim,it's always good to read your replies .... as ever you seem to find just the right wise words .

It's good to be celebrating the ' anniversaire' with virtual friends.There were times when I thought I wouldn't get this far...but I fear I've got it for life now ;)

Regards to Mme.daTruffe.....I believe she too had a recent anniversaire-itwas nice to read how well she was doing x


When life gives you lemons, go running.... Carole, I'm going to borrow that as it's an excellent quote! :D

What a wonderful post; happy running anniversary! :-) It never ceases to amaze me just how much C25K and running can change one's life, even with setbacks like illness and injury, just hanging on in there until fitness returns gives great rewards once we're fit again. I apologise though for chuckling at your unfortunate sun loungers collision!

That was a great motivational and inspirational post - thank you for sharing!

And of course, happy running. Always. :-)


Cou cou,mon ami :)

Thankyou dear M_Y...and yes, borrow away if you feel like it ...and you may chuckle to your heart's content at the sunlounger collision....think pitch dark, a surfeit of rosé and the evil lounger lying in least I saved the empty wine glass in one hand and my iPad in t' the expense of a gashed shin and what in the end turned out to be an extremely painful hip ...pulled some muscles in that region I think...but ah well, if I haven't learned by now I never will ...tee hee :)

Thankyou for your lovely response....I'm quite touched....but you probably sussed that anyway .

Happy running to you dear M_Y :)


What a fantastic post - thank you! Determined to get up early for W4R1 before work now!


Thanks ceelou :)

Good Luck with W4 ,post to let us know how you are getting on with the programme .


Happy anniversary Carolecal!

A lovely post, and not at all me me me! I would love to make a similar post myself, I'm still fairly new as I only started 8 months ago, but you are right about the virtual friendships that spring up here!


Thanks,Poll,for a lovely response.

Yes ,this is a really friendly's great to know there's always someone ready with advice,congratulations or commiserations when required :)

Happy running to you x


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