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Can Do It!

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This is for all the over 60, overweight, ‘always hated running people’ doing the C25K . Three months ago that was me, (well, I’m still over 60 and still overweight...oh alright then, still obese actually...). But just before Christmas I did my graduation run, amazing! I thought it would probably take me till next Summer to complete it, if I ever did, but it’s such a well -designed programme that I did it in 10 weeks, only having to repeat week 1. I’m still ultra slow, but now I’m still aiming for three runs a week of 30 mins and hoping to run a little further each week. Not sure that I will be able to do 5k in 30 mins ever, but who cares! Thank you everyone on the forum... your posts are inspiring! Oh ... and the weight has started to come off slowly again ...

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Magic news ! Well done you 🥇⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Excellent! Well done you x

Fantastic achievement. Enjoy being a graduate and keep on keeping on - pace is just a number.

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C25K enables people to make running their own.

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Fantastic, you should be really proud of yourself. Well done

Well done! - I’m too am an over 60 who hated running and started off obese. I’m on W8R3 so not too far behind you. I have to admit I always had a begrudging admiration for runners and cyclists so it makes me smile to think I’m joining them after a busy career and raising a family. I found the weight loss too slow so joined SW after W1 and lost 18lbs by Christmas - now I’m overweight (that’s good when you were obese!) and finding running with less “lard” easier. Good luck with the consolidation phase!

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Congrats. It's a great feeling and deserves a big smile. Hope you let out a Whoopee.

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Congratulations. I’m really pleased for you.

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