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One final run to graduate BUT I can't seem to do it!!!

Oh boy! I am feeling so blinking peed off it's unbelievable! I have one final run to do to graduate. I last ran on tuesday and then got the most awful stomach bug thing and then a big family event this weekend and lots of relatives over from abroad and I haven't been able to get out for a run since. Also my whole training I had done on my own until in week 7 my hubby started joining me and now ever since I am almost afraid to go out on a run on my own....get this.... incase I give up and walk!! I never did so prior to week 7 when he joined me however I did it once when I went out on my own, I stopped after 20 mins (out of 25 mins) and walked. As punishment (!) I made myself redo the whole 25 mins again that evening (with hubby). What has happened?? Why do I feel I might give up if I am on my own now??? Also I have doen the 30 mins of week 9 twice now but I had absolutely nothing spare at teh end and really doubt being able to actually cover 5k in 30 mins. AAARGHH!!!!!!! Sorry end of rant. I will try to get out this evening for my final run but I hate leaving it so long between runs and doubt my capability to do it after a 5 day gap.

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Dont worry. You DONT have to cover 5k in 30 mins, it is just a catchy title lol! I was no where near doing 5k but got there a week or two after by running a few mins further each time lol - STILL huge sense of achievement. You have done well and it isnt the end of the world that you have had a few things interfere with your progress.

Think how far you have come! If you are anything like me you couldnt even IMAGINE running for 10 mins let alone 20 mins a few months ago!

Just GO OUT AND RUN and relax, and see how you go, whenever you feel like stopping say to yourself " I will just run as far as that . . . (enter landmark!) or "I will do 2 mins more . . . . " and see how you do.

You havent got a deadline to graduate - none that I am aware of anyway! You have proved you can push yourself and you will do it again.

I have only had company on one of my runs - my 7 times marathon running sister - who after telling me I could do exactly what I wanted at my own pace then ran the legs off me uphill for 45 mins, so I personally would much rather run on my own!

Good luck x


Aww bless you. It really is mind over matter and you just need to believe in yourself. I ran my first 5k in 39 minutes and I think I only achieved that because I set myself a finish line before setting off and was determined to hit that goal. I have no patience so I won't say be patient, just take it in your own time, concentrate on slowing down the breathing and pace and you will soon be running for longer and further. As for running on your own, you could try just getting ready and going without over thinking it. I can talk myself out of anything if I think too long :/ Good luck, you CAN do it! :)


I know how you feel.... 5K in 30 mins is really hard!!!! I graduated a few weeks ago and my fastest 5K was 36 mins but I average around 38 mins...... Endurance is the name of the game first THEN speed so don't get too hung up on that. As for running on your own, it's the motivation you get from someone else that keeps you going..... But again, don't get too hung up on it! If you need to stop then stop, it's no big deal..... You'll get there in the end just KEEP RUNNING!!!! Good luck and a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS on your achievement so far!!!!


Don't worry about doing the whole 5K in 30 mins. In my last week I had the same panic but the milestones for me were runnning for 30 minutes none stop, then running 5K in whatever time. My first 5k was 40 mins. By my fourth on Saturday when I did my first Park Run it was just under 35 mins. So don't get disheartened, it will come.


Hey thanks guys!!! I love this forum, everyone is so supportive and helpful. I went out last night and did it!!! Actually ran longer than 30mins and did about 35 mins. So pleased! Covered just under the 5k. I clocked it in miles and it was 2.86 miles, forgot to convert to k's. Anyway thanks for all the support. I have graduated. Now were do I get my badge?? Xx

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