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Running and acid reflux


Hi, I was wondering if anyone else gets acid reflux when they run. I make sure I only run when my food has settled and my doctor recommended taking Gaviscon Advanced beforehand which helps but I still get the odd bit of acid working it's way up to my throat.

I am diagnosed with chronic gastritis and taking a proton pump inhibitor medication but running seems to trigger acid reflux. Because of my condition, I avoid foods/drinks that I know will give me indigestion/reflux so I know it's not diet related.

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I wish I could help but I don’t know anything about this. Someone is bound to be along soon who does though. I just wanted to reassure you that your post was visible !


Hi Slothy - both me and my partner used to get this in our earlier runs, even though we'd left it a few hours after eating. It disappeared instantly once we switched over to running before tea, so about 5 hours after lunch.


I used to get reflux very badly - but mostly when lying down in bed at night. I lost around 8Kg and the reflux went away completely. I put this down to the loss of visceral fat which was surrounding my internal organs ( including stomach) . I have never had reflux while running - but I do not eat for 2 hours before any run and allow even more time after a largish breakfast, etc.

That sounds unpleasant SC, sorry I have no knowledge of the condition personally.

Is at all possible to run first thing in the morning prior to any food intake except for a small ‘fuel’ snack like a banana? Hope you can find something that works. 🤞


I have this on every run regardless of when I take it or whether I have eaten before. I take a couple of rennies just befor the run and another 2 with me just in case.

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