Running surface and leg pain - Week5

Hi All. I'll be starting week 5 tomorrow and I'm currently running with a group on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. Some days I cannot make it to the group runs so I run on my own with the app. When I run solo I run in the forest on natural trails, but when I run with the group we run on an asphalt track. Each time I run with the group I end up having pain my knees and calves and ankles, but when I run on my own it seems to be fine. Could the running surface make that much of a difference in the impact on my body? I like the social aspect of the group, but it's always much more difficult for me. Anyone have a similar experience?


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6 Replies

  • Yes... very different kinds of impact on different surfaces... the rail and field runs tend to be softer and more forgiving, although difficult sometimes with uneven sections and dips etc...

    I have shoes for off road running and different ones for lanes/road/pavement runs...You can get hybrids that sort of suit both... :) After my calf tear, I was not allowed to run off road or beach runs for quite a while... the harder surfaces aided the recovery weirdly...but now am back on my fields again:) Someone on here just a few posts ago, has had an injury where they need to run on the soft surfaces, i.e.. off road:)

    So...if you are track running with your group..maybe take a look at your running shoes?

  • I went to a running shop to get a gait analysis and get the right shoes and they recommended a hybrid shoe so normally I should be able to run ok on both. The trails I run on are well used paths so pretty flat without a lot of obstacles. Maybe it's psychological?? :-)

  • Not sure on that.. unless the psychological bit is that really you would actually rather run on your own:)

    I would still opt for the shoes.. and go, as Sandraj39 suggests... for more cushioned support for the hard track...:)

  • Maybe you run much quicker when you are out with the group

  • Thanks for answering! I think I run slower with the group. I always end up at the back of the pack because of the pain in my legs and I'm usually the last one to finish. :-(

  • Your shoes may be hybrid but even a compact trail path is going to be more forgiving than the running groups asphalt track. Sounds like you need a bit more cushioning to me?? Hope you get it sorted.🙂

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