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Christmas Graduate

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Well I just graduated today! W9 R3 completed with a 5k Santa hat run.

I'm amazed at how I've developed over the last 9 weeks. I've transformed from a run hater to a lover!

I can't believe that I can now run 5k.

The C25K app has been so beneficial to me.

Found W6 difficult if my memory serves me correctly but pushed through it.

There's a lot of great advice to be had on this site and it's prevented me doing something stupid or doing too much! Thank you everyone!

I need to keep it up now. Upward and onward with C25K+, registered for Parkrun, then maybe bridge to 10k???

#10kByMay πŸ˜„ #maybe

Merry Christmas!

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Brilliant well done and congratulations. Did my first parkrun last Saturday, you'll love. Stay motivated and enjoy your running!!


What a wonderful Achievement πŸŽ„especially graduating with a Santa Dash 5k, you will remember Christmas 2018 for a very long time, congratulations. 😊 πŸƒ πŸŽ“


Well done!! I'm on run 2 of week 8, found first run of the week a real challenge, but powered through. Dreading today's run but you're an inspiration so I'm just going to get on and do it! Merry Christmas, you've given yourself a fantastic present!


Many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful…….what-next

Keep running, keep smiling.


Brilliant! Have a great Xmas 😸

I graduated last month and built up my total running time by adding 10% every week... So 33, then 36, then 40 and consolidated on that.

πŸŽ… Xmas Katnap πŸŽ…


Happy Christmas fellow Graduate ☺☺☺☺☺


Congratulations! Great way to close this out. Have a great celebration and Christmas.

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