w9r2... and a photo opportunity to graduate

I did 30 minutes with only a little discomfort toward the end, then carried on to complete 5k in 34 minutes. So I know I can do the next run in the gym.

The problem is I mentioned doing c25k to a colleague who works on the company magazine. He wants to do an article with a paragraph on c25k, and a picture of me in running gear doing my graduation run. The deadline is Monday, so I can run Saturday or Sunday.

A pic in the gym isn't that practical, but a picture at the finish line with loads of other people would be awesome. So do I do a parkrun? Trouble is I've never done a parkrun or even run outside, or with people. How much more difficult is it? Is it worth the chance that I won't complete it? Decisions, decisions...


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  • The advantage Parkrun is that you WILL complete it, even if you have to walk all the way round you'll get to the finish line. The disadvantage of running with other people is that there is a natural tendency to try and keep up with them, so if you go for Parkrun you really must make a big effort to run at YOUR own pace. What is the terrain like at your Parkrun ? If it's paths round a park you should be ok from a treadmill, if it's more of a cross country route you might find it harder. BUT it would be awesome to graduate in style and you will never know if you can do it unless you try, my personal opinion is give it a go....

  • I agree with Henpen, just as long as you don't get carried away and burn yourself out before you get to the end...alternatively you'll have to set it up somewhere with rent-a-crowd of your friends...

  • Definitely give it a go! Do pace yourself though, the front runners do zip along... Running outside is different, but the people running alongside you will bouy you along. Talk to the organisers - they may be able to point out someone who can help pace you. Enjoy your graduation run. You have earned it!

  • Run outside! It's what running's about

    Good luck

  • How exciting. What a way to go! Presumably you've looked up your local parkrun - click on the top right tab and get the results from the previous week. You obviously know you can easily run the distance and running with others will spur you on - see what the slowest runner was so that you know how much 'slack' you've got. As henpen says, you WILL finish it, just make sure you've got enough energy left to run over the line rather than walk - so talk your walk before the line if you need to - but I'm sure you won't with you're history of success and time already in the bag for 5k. Terrain and weather are the only things to check. Good luck and have a fantastic graduation. Make sure you send us the pic.

  • When I have done park run I wait and run right at the back. I am one of the slow runners. I would start there and move forward as the run goes round. It better to start real slow and have some umphf in the tank for a finish. That way you will have a realxed face for the photo, and you have enough to Compensate for going from indoor to out. Great news on the article, be sure to show us a link if there is one. We love getting the word out there. Happy graduation run.

  • Having graduated at parkrun myself I wholeheartedly recommend it. With the company magazine thing as well I would say that's an opportunity that you should take with both hands and.......wait for it.........run with!

  • Our parkrun has pacer weeks... check if yours has one this week? I say go for glory and do the parkrun for graduation :) You can always run your 30 minutes, walk a bit then run to the finish for a photo op if you need to! Good luck.

  • brilliant - if I could find someone who usually does 35+ minutes I'll follow them!

  • I've signed up and printed off my barcode. My clothes are ready. My shoes are ready. I just have to decide tomorrow whether to try or not. If it's raining I'll probably pull out.

  • Aw, dont worry xxx I am sure you will be fine :-) xxx

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