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I've missed it hi

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Hey Folks,

Hope you are all well. A couple of weeks ago on my run I hurt myself, so I took a week off. Then I came down with the worst flu i think I have ever had. So I have really haven't run much at all for the past few weeks.

My partner in crimes against the Arts, the Famous Artist Birdy Rose, has been doing this program. She has just started week four, and I thought well I will go out with her and do that run .

I took the run really easy... Nice steady pace.

To my relief I found I didn't want to stop at any of the walks, so ran through the whole thing.

I have missed running so much, I think next time I will go back to the 30min runs... See how I get one



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What a fantastic post. Good for you.

Tartancat profile image

We wondered where you'd got to! Good to have you back 🏃‍♂️

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Great comeback run Doozer... keep on enjoying them... good to see you back.

Great post, good to know you can get back into it after a few weeks off.

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Great run - glad you're back in the swing of things

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Glad you’re back at it x

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