Treated my self to a "running jacket"

Hello everyone. Since starting this challenge a few weeks' ago, I have always dressed in black clothing to "hide" myself when out running! I didn't want to draw attention to myself as I waddled up and down the streets. Thankfully I now realise that I'm in this for the long haul - it is not going to be just another fad. To be honest, I have struggled along the way as I am overweight and unfit (as in my name!) but I am going to keep going at this challenge. It's quite enjoyable really once you get into it.

I'm on W4R2 which I completed this morning. I was so amazed at myself that I went out with the sole purpose of buying myself a new running jacket. The one I have been using is an old thing that I've had for years but it was ok. - it has something naff like Beverley Hills Polo club embroidered on the back!

I have now convinced myself that I am nearly a runner and so I only went out and bought myself a bright pink jacket!!!!! You could see it from space!!

I was so ashamed and self-conscious when I started this program, but if I meet anyone en route and my face is bright red and I'm puffing..... instead of feeling embarrassed, I actually feel proud of myself.

I still have a long way to go to achieve fitness, but when I look back to how I was when I started (couldn't even run for ten seconds), I feel I have come a long way. So if there's any new starters reading this - don't give up. Give it a try. Keep at it. It will get enjoyable!


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  • Great post--really inspiring. So glad you are enjoying yourself.

  • Congratulations on what you have achieved so far and good luck for the rest of the program.

    understand what you mean about clothing......but now you've started,I have lots of bright tops,spent more on running gear last year than other clothes.

  • Ahhh bless ya! I know so how you feel and I agree, a really inspirational post! I too have a bright pink jacket and bright pink trainers which look awesome with my bright orange leggings!!!! ;-)

    Go for it you are doing fantastic!

    E xxx

  • You are exactly right. I'm no longer self conscious because I'm out there doing it, I'm achieving my goals and proving I'm capable and there is no shame in that!

  • This is really great Fred, wear your pink jacket with pride, you are a real runner and doing fab!

  • Ha Ha! Love it! Trying to hide yourself! Well done Fred! Your doing great!

  • I was trying to hide myself! I did not want anyone to notice me or even worse - recognise me!

  • Yes! I realise that! And do understand, But then I don't give a stuff if people see me or not! Now with your pink jacket, yes you will be seen from outer space! I have a lovely Ronald McDonald wig you could wear as well!๐Ÿ˜€

  • Weirdo alert !!

  • Fantastic Fred !

    Yes quite right that youre treating yourself to some new running gear ! You do realise that this is just the start dont you ? Soon you'll be poring over running gear in sports shops and on t'internet , its like a madness taking over . Ha ha !

    Ive now got more running gear than you can shake a stick at and long may it continue !

    Keep going,youre doing great , wear that pink jacket with pride, youve earned it ! :-) xxx

  • Yeah! The pink jacket (that Tim Peakes can see from space) was an award to myself. One of many I hope!

  • Hi Fred, W4R2 done eh? Thats fantastic.

    Well done you, and a new running jacket is well deserved. This program works doesn't it, Getting fitter Fred now...

    Keep it up. :)

  • This C25K really does work. The very first W1R1 is a bit of a shock to the old system, but plod on with it and believe in it and yourself. You will surprise yourself in just a few sessions! Keep trying peeps!

  • Well done Fred. You're in for the long haul now. It's mandatory to buy ALL the colours of running gear that never match and are always garish when worn together. I'm convinced the bolder the pattern and the brighter the colours the better I run ;)

  • Yeah like - light colours make you lighter! I'm done with my black days now!

  • I see the beginnings of a running addict here. Rest assured this is a good thing! I was the same when I started this programme - everything black. Then I got a bright top in Aldi. Now I moan about the fact that there are too many black running clothes in the shops - especially leggings. Just this weekend I got a pair of leggings that are patterned with Mexican death skulls and flowers. My word they are bright!! I absolutely love 'em!!

  • Mexican death skulls and flowers ????? I'm miles away from that literally! Good on you though, your body obviously looks better than mine but give me a month or two and I'll catch you up....

  • Well when I started this programme in June 2014 I was much bigger than I am now - I've lost over 5 stone since then. I could still do with shifting a bit more but I think it's fair to say that I've come a long way since then. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would be where I am now when I started the C25K programme. I saw someone much younger than me wearing the death skull leggings and I immediately decided to get them. I haven't tried them out in public yet but they will be making an appearance when the weather perks up a bit.

  • Ooh I'd like a bright pink one. Mine is black with a dark green hood. I do have hot pink shoes those. My running gear is taking up more and more room all the time. Hadn't thought about bright leggings, mine are black and charcoal grey (like you I think I was hiding myself!)

  • Bright clothes are a must (me thinks)... See and be seen by cars, lorries, bikes etc!!

  • Go you.. well done.. out there and letting the world now that you are a runner and proud of it :) Folk only stare 'cos they are jealous!

    You just carry on, slow and steady and you will get there.. you will. Everyone will be rooting for you!


  • You should feel proud of yourself, you're one of us aren't you? When I read the first few lines of your post I hoped your jacket would be pink - yay! I was right! PP is right, it's the start of the slippery slope, you'll know you're really addicted when you start drooling over compression socks...

  • haha! well done you. I'm still in mostly black- ah well apart from the bright yellow highlighter-pen run-in-the-dark jacket that is... :)

    People who look and judge are either a) not bothering themselves and so do not appreciate what you are doing, and why, and how good it feels (afterwards, to have done it, at any rate!) or b) snobby runners who are judgemental and unkind, and I truly believe there are very few of those around. In any case, neither group actually matters do they.

    Because I have a congenital heart murmur (or at least that's my excuse!) I am almost always a gasping red-faced thumper when out for a run. Pink is just not an option! However I've recently found a way to avoid this for at least half the run- going as slow as possible, whilst increasing duration / distance, back in interval training.

    anyway that's all an aside to a whopping big well done, keep it up and great way to reward yourself :)

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