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Week 5 Finished!

Very short blog, I'm afraid. Just don't have time over the summer school holidays to type proper ones.

I finished week 5 today! 20 minutes of non stop running. The last 2 minutes were spent with me lying to myself "Get to that lamppost and you can walk. Now get to that car over there...cross the street and I promise you can walk...just get over to that green bin...", but I did it!

Due to lack of child care for part of next week, I'm doing week 6 on Sunday (my 35th birthday), Tuesday, and super early Thursday morning.

Really happy about finishing this week! :D

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Getting through W5, R3 is fantastic, isn't it?! Well done! Isn't week 6 a great gift for your birthday that I bet you didn't expect five weeks ago? :D


My normal run schedule would have put the 1st run on the day after (monday). My brain still can't seem to process "We're running on Sunday", which is tomorrow, oh geez.

Yesterday's run was a fantastic feeling! I was so excited about finishing it that I actually did a fist pump :P


Well done, that's a great achievement & just in time for your birthday too. :-)


Thanks! Hitting a milestone does make a nice present. :)


Well done, it's a big milestone! I did W5R3 too this morning, similar experience with the last 2 minutes, but what a feeling to finish! My legs know I've done it now, though!

Good luck with w6. And Happy Birthday for Sunday.


Thanks, Soozz! I couldn't believe I had actually done it. Never have I run for that long a time before. Think I had a goofy grin on my face all through the cool down walk!


Well done you. Finishing R3W5 is a great feeling! I struggle a bit over school holidays too so I sympathise but I'm hanging in there, running when I can, determined not to lose this hard won fittness! :-)


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