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My first parkrun

After graduating last Christmas I finally did my first parkrun I know there is no pressure involved but I'm disappointed with my time the fastest I've ever ran 5k is 36 mins but today at parkrun it was almost 43 mins!

I'm really struggling with my weight and have put on over half stone in 2 months which I feel is having a big impact on my running! Does anyone else find this?

I've kept on running even joining a running club which I love going to but I feel like I'm not showing any improvement I'm blaming my weight any advice appreciated

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If you run regularly, eg three times a week and eat healthily then you shouldn't be putting weight on

You would find running easier if you were lighter on your feet I'd say. I've lost a lot of weight and find running much easier now

How come you put that much weight on? It's almost 3.5 lbs a week! That's some weight gain. You have to get that under control!


First of all well done on keeping up with your running and getting along to running club, that's got to be doing you good even if you don't feel it.

Speed training is the best thing if you want to get times down, does your running club do sessions on those? It's hard work but will pay off, it will also get you into the fat burning zone.


Try logging everything you're eating on MyFitnessPal and don't eat back the exercise calories you burn.


I found my first park run tough because i did not know the course and was as nervous as hell. I went back this week and smashed last weeks time! In regards to weight exercise can make you hungrier and its easy to eat the calories that you burn by just a couple of biscuits. I have not lost any weight and I am a graduate now and still running three times a week. Well done though and you are still having a great impact on your health.


This article gives some suggestions as to why you may be gaining weight. I think the important thing is to not overestimate the calories you are burning through running and to realise that you won't lose weight by running alone. Definitely agree with the suggestion to track everything on my fitness pal - often we are eating far more calories than we realise. Good luck with both the weight loss and the running!


Thank you all for your encouragement and suggestions


Weight gain that rapid may indicate thyroid problems. It may be worth seeing your GP to exclude hypothyroidism as a cause.


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