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First Parkrun

After a choppy week of running went and did my first Parkrun today after accidentally consuming too much rum last night. I somehow did it in 36mins and seeing as I just wanted to get in at under 40 mins I'm awfully pleased :D

Special thanks to Dan Zargo as I had his "hungover Parkrun" story from last week going through my head when every fibre of my being was telling me to stay in bed. So thanks Dan, I honestly wouldn't have gone if it hadn't been for your story!!!

Now to get back on it with Laura thîs week, I feel like I've neglected her a bit of late so come on week 7, let's be having yer! :) :) :)

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Well done on your first park run and what a great time. Should be well chuffed with that. A 5k in 30 minutes seems to be well within your reach ;)


Great stuff.. as you know, this morning was my first Parkrun too... great fun!

That's a great time and you can be rightly proud that you "met your goal"... it's a great feeling... :)


The day I get 5k in 30 mins is the day there will be dancing in the streets of North London!


Well done for doing the rum, I mean run especially after the rum. Week 7 will be a breeze compared to today and your hungover running head. ;-)


Well done betty!! Bloomin' well done and it is an honour to have been an inspiration for your hungover jaunt today! Excellent work getting home in UNDER your goal time too. Zippedy doo dah!

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Well done you. Week 7 should be a breeze now you know you can do the distance. But don't try and overdo it ! Good luck.


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