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Week 7 completed - Probably the toughest for me :(

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Hi Fellow Runners

I managed to complete week 7! but these runs are starting to take its toll, been finding the last 5 mins rough, and also my legs seem to be suffering a bit now! (on the days off) - run 3 was particularly rough on me, I will put it down as a bit of a bad week, might the cold weather :D.

I can see the finish line it is so close! but I think I will take a extra couple of days off before attempting week 8 and allow a bit of extra recovery.

Have a happy christmas everyone if I do not post back before then!

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The runs are tough, but you are tougher, one step at a time! You've got this!

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HucknallRunnerGraduate in reply to Phoenix_flames21

Thank you! I can also see the finish line too, I will get there eventually!

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I started running every other, but found life got in the way. On some occasions I've ended up with having longer rest days and find a big difference.

Do what works for you, better to enjoy the runs and finish injury free than rush. Week 8 isn't going anywhere 😁

In the meantime you are doing brilliantly 👏💪

Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you on the podium 🙌

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HucknallRunnerGraduate in reply to Nita49

Yes, I think I will try that, been trying to get 3 runs in every single week, but that's just not going to happen over the long term, so taking it slower and listening to what my body tells me :) - Cannot wait to get on that podium!

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Great running. Sounds like you could do with an extra rest day here and there. Are you working the legs gently on rest days? I ran every other day, and did some exercises on my three rest days... when I took a second rest day I did nothing more than potter around the house, but made sure I never sat for more than an hour at a time.

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HucknallRunnerGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

I actually didn't do any exercises on the legs on my rest days, I was under the impression that it would make things worse, I should possibly try doing them from now if its beneficial might help make the longer runs more smoother in future. Thanks for the advice

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