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W9R1 - harder than I thought

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Just come back from first run of week 9. When I woke up this morning I asked Alexa what the weather was and she said -1 and foggy. I was quite happy with that, as I get so very over-heated, and thought that -1 would be fine. In fact, she must have been thinking of a different Southampton, because it was a good 9-10 degrees, and not a wisp of fog to be seen. I ran without music this time, as some runners have found it easier not to be distracted by the different beats of songs, and although I think it did help with my pace (I wasn't subconsciously slowing down or trying to speed up to keep in time with the music) I kept wondering if my app had stopped because it seemed an awfully long time until Ms Wiley gave the time checks.

But, the main thing is that I did it! And during the 30 minutes I covered 3.91km which I'm happy with. Only 2 more runs to graduation. Who'd have believed it? :-)

Have a good week, fellow runners!

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I ask Alexa what the weather is in various places and she usually gets it correct.

Glad you enjoyed your run despite the temperature being higher than you were told by Alexa. Not long now until you graduate, best of luck to you, Alexa is also the lady that tells me on Mapmyrun or Mapmywalk, the pace, distance in kilometres that I do when I'm out doing runs or long walks.

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Great work, Amerynthe. Relish those final two x

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Well done Amerynthe.. Hats off to you not running to music! Not sure if I could do that 🤔 as I zone out to my tunes.

Maybe I subconsciously change my pace depending on the song??

Enjoy the next two runs 👍

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Great run. As you’re tracking you can have audible alerts there too, so maybe that will help with not wondering if the app has crashed! Think you got my weather forecast... Junior parkrun was damn cold this morning and the frost in the sunlight made the park look like it had a pretty heavy fog.

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Well done got to say I found w9 quite challenging not sure why maybe anxiety of thinking and anticipation of graduation. I did it and now still doing it. Loving it more and finding I set more targets as I run and achieve them. You can do it not long now.

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