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Strange week ahead week 9

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Hi all

Week 9 beckons tomorrow. We have done 30 mins as a group already so know we can do that and we managed around 4km. So the plan for the group is to aim to do 5km in our run tomorrow.

Have to say I am nervous after missing a few runs due to illness. My last run was for 25 mins and I did about 3.4km. I felt like I could keep on going but having missed over a week due to illness I didn’t want to push it.

So fingers crossed this time tomorrow I will be getting close to the 5km mark.

Eek. Can’t believe week 9 has arrived and park run is planned for the 22/12.

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Who’s leading this run? I’d be reminding them of the 10% rule to be honest. Don’t mean to sound negative, sorry!

Run your run and don’t worry about anything other than that timer... slow and steady... you got this.

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It’s a run leader who has done this with other groups before. We all had to register on the run together website etc. I am just going to do what I can do and not push it. I know I can do 25 mins, 28 mins and 30 mins. Any more than that will be a bonus.

After being ill and with it being so close to Christmas I don’t want risk anything!!!

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to Jazzyd

Hopefully he/she has reminded the group that if you do that you don’t do it again in the next two... that’s a big increase if they haven’t, more so for you if you’ve missed a week. Anyway, yeah, good that you won’t take a risk... just be careful. When I ran 6k recently I knew I had a lot left, but I also knew that if I went for what I thought I could do there was a fairly good chance that I’d be injured... of course a week or so later I don’t have that mindset while walking and decided my old ass could descend on scree very rapidly, and so I was injured anyway. I’m a sensible runner but a dumbass walker 😂

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Just take it steady.... best to run at your pace and reach the podium injury free.

Do the 30... walk away... plenty of time for that 5K :)

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Ok so tonight was run night.

I took it easy and went at my own pace. My goal was to run for 30 minutes. Which I did easily and had run further than I did last time. So I decided to keep going. Kept my head down concentrating on one step at a time and before I knew it my Fitbit vibrates and I had done the 5k! In just short of 38 minutes.

Absolutely buzzing.

Taking it easy and having a couple of days off and perhaps heading out again on Sunday x

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