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Hello week 9, hello 5km!!

Wow, I can't believe I've done it.

On my stats are:


5.05 km10.1 km/h 5:54 mins/km 0:29:48 451.8

Woop, woop - looks like I hit the 5km mark!!

I did my last week 8 run on Friday. Was really cold when I set off so even threw a long sleeve top on over my tshirt. It was off by the end of the warm up of course. Again, not an easy run but did it.

Then the first week 9 run yesterday. Was hot outside, so my cheeks were burning not long into it (yes I do rather the cold than this!). I changed my route for the first time since starting the longer runs, which was quite nice. Now I've got lots more possibilities I can try. Didn't think I'd hit the 5km till after week 9 but after mapping my run it looks like I have! So happy, as that was unexpected. I think for my next run I'm going to go to my local park wher they have the parkrun and try it out to see if I am doing the actual 5km.

I did it and felt great at the end, but was seriously flagging during it. Will this ever get 'easy'?!

2 more runs until graduation :)

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Well done that is brilliant, I didnt get anywhere near 5k till a week or two after graduating and then it was taking me about 43 mins but parkrun is definitely the answer.

And as someone who now does 10k regularly (including 1 very competitive race!) yes it does get EASIER but not easy! If it gets easy you have to go faster or up a steep hill, its the rules lol!


Very well done. I, too, hope to get to 5k in 30 mins in week 9. I know it's not necessary in the programme, but it's my goal. I'm currently in week 7 and introducing a few new routes now I can mange the longer runs.


Yeah, I was just trying for the 30 mins so was delighted. I might actually be brave enough to join the Parkrun this Saturday. I don't mind where I finish at all, but afraid of not being able to finish fullstop. I'll see how the next 2 runs go.

Good luck with you last few weeks!


I should add that my routes are completely flat, apart from one railway bridge, so that makes it much easier.


I think that if I don't manage 5K around my local roads in my week 8 sessions I may drive into town and head out along the canal tow path.


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