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Wk 5 !!!

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Unbelievably I am now here, week 5 and run 1 achieved. I was so tired after a day of gardening, which is my job, and very reluctant to step out into the cold once again.

I ache before I begin and I know I haven’t been able to drink enough water during the day as I have no loo access. A problem. However I did manage it and it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. Came back more energised but still full of aches. Cannot believe I am jogging 5 mins. Runs 2 and 3 a mental challenge as well as physical....they don’t look easy AT ALL. !! Good luck to others on week 5, I love reading posts as this keeps me going 👍

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Sounds like your doing great! Don't look too far ahead, just trust the plan, it's amazing. Remember each run and each week prepares you for the next. You've got this far haven't you! Good luck and happy running

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JT489Graduate in reply to steviej99

Many thanks for the thumbs up . I am chuffed to be doing it but having trouble feeling as inspired as I was at the beginning. I think you’re right to not look too far ahead which was how I started... 😀

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That's a brilliant achievement so far. I'm at exactly the same point and running day 2 tomorrow. I've loved every minute. I think lol. Started as a complete novice and now that confident I have bought some proper running clothes 😀😀

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JT489Graduate in reply to Bartontiger

Good luck for your run Bartontiger. I have just invested in new trainers as others had worn away, so much more comfortable! 👣

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BartontigerGraduate in reply to JT489

I made the mistake of picking some 'cheapies' off the shelf and ended up with really painful knees. I went to a proper running shoe shop who kitted me out with the right shoe for my foot shape. So much better 😀

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You’re do brilliantly! Agree, don’t look too far ahead, just follow the plan. It really does work! Happy running 👍🏃🏽‍♀️😀

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I will Kimterry! Run 2 later today, head down and pace myself. Thanks for replying!

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I've done week 5 run 3 yesterday aswell and honestly both run 2 and run 3 went far better than run 1.

I think im getting to a point in the programme where i loathe stopping, i think the walking makes it harder.

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JT489Graduate in reply to Rhedeg

Congrats to you!! I think that’s a good point, it seems to be about rhythm and momentum? I am so changeable, after feeling negative before the run tonight I am now looking forward to the challenge of week three. Amazing! Good luck for week 6 ...

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