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What 3 score & 10 wears in the cold


Started W1 when it was still t-shirts and shorts weather. When it got colder I wore just tight fitting base layer leggings and top with the shorts. Look a sight but who cares. It keeps me warm but not too warm. Only challenge is getting the sweat-soaked top off when I get back. Seems to be OK for temps in between. Forgot to mention they are Merino wool.

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It’s a problem deciding what to wear when the weather is so changeable. I like sports wear as it doesn’t show the sweat (a lady should only gently glow as the saying goes!). I’ll probably need to add layers fairly soon. Try to keep cool . . . 😅

I wear a long sleeved running top, with a zip up jacket on top, that I can now unzip and tie around my waist without slowing down.

It's not foolproof, I accidentally reset my stopwatch to zero once, when I pulled the jacket off. I have no idea how long I ran for that day!

I'm thinking of getting a merino top for when it gets really cold, but I haven't needed to yet. Although I'm asking Santa for some gloves.

OldishrunnerGraduate in reply to grumpyoldgirl

Both top and leggings are quite thin and let the sweat wick away and evaporate when running. I only 'glow' during the warm-down. Then I sweat like mad!

grumpyoldgirlGraduate in reply to Oldishrunner

Hmm, that I could cope with, Santa may be busy this year!


As an unemployed runner on a non-existent budget, I’m running in jeggings, t-shirt, fleece and my old trainers. It must be more comfortable in high tech kit but it makes no difference to your desire to succeed. So to anyone else in the same boat: you can still do this without fancy gear. Just remember to change your sweaty t-shirt as soon as you get in if you don’t want a chill !

OldishrunnerGraduate in reply to ButtercupKid

Too true. I am fortunate to have these from winter walking in the Lakes, but they aren’t essential - only the commitment is.

ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to Oldishrunner

So true ! Winter walking in the Lakes sounds fab, and of course the more use you can get from your gear the more sense there is in having it.

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